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I was reluctant on sharing this post. I thought I would use it as a back-up post for a busy week but since summer is not over yet. It’s my duty to give other young children the chance to experience what Chessington has to offer. The park includes 10 themed lands and over 40 rides and attractions.  Along with a zoo, sea life centre and daily shows. This makes Chessingnton Britain’s Wildest Adventure. I visited the resort center with Bolanle my big  sister, her two daughters Sierra (5years) , Sarina (3years) and my sister Florish (9years).

Background Story.

Last year we had planned to visit Leggo Land in England for a weekend. It would have been a summer trip but because of work and other last minute issues , we decieded to forego the ticket bought.  So this year since Sierra and florish’s birthday were both in May and we were in a better place. We thought the best way to celebrate their special days was to take the girls to Chessington for a day.  My niece Sierra had told her teacher in school from the moment we told them about the trip. So to even dare cancel the trip would make us look like wicked humans, not  even when ‘real life issues discouraged us.  I am sure if you are parent you would understand this.

Main story


We got the earliest flight and planned on coming back on the last flight. This is another story cause we didn’t (stay tuned for that post). We arrived at the Gatwick airport at 7:00 am and made our way by train to Chessingnton for 10:00 am. The weather was absolutely hot. That particular day England was experiencing a heat wave. I even got sun burnt!! Of course with over 40 rides, it was a bit of a strugle to deciede where to start.  Bearing in mind that every ride had its restrictions such as the height of a child and or chest size. The height was most concerning to us as Sarina was 3 years old and is quite small. It was hard watching her cry whenever she was refused a ride. When we found a ride that the older girls could get on, either myself or Bolanle would mind Sarina. The other would follow the other girls on each ride. The next ride would have to be one that suited everyone then. This became our own mini routine until we got on as many rides as possible before the end. 

Before I move on, the opening hours at Chessingnton is between 10am- 5:00pm.
I loved how every theme looked real. This was the ‘prison themed ride’


I have to say Chessingnton beats any fun fair I have ever been to! I give it a 20/10.  I loved that no matter what age you were, there was something for you to do and enjoy. But I became a child once again.  My highlight was the Zufari themed ride, it was like one was in Africa. We got on the Zufari truck and drove through bumpy roads , a river and a mini bush. We saw  two giraffes, 3 rhinos, 2 Zebras and 4 Antelopes and two or three more animals. According to reviews it is similar to the Animal Kingdom Safari at Disney Land. Since I havent been to Disney land myself, I wouldn’t be able to comapare it but guys!! ….. I gave my camara to the staff on site since she said it would be a wet ride. I regret my decision after the ride. I would have loved to take pictures , theres always a next time I guess. Sarina was too young to get on this ride with us…

Life lesson 1.01

One of my reasons for  pushing for this trip was the movie ‘Inside Out’ . I had seen it last year with Florish . The movie shared a bit on creating positive memories for our children from a young age. I am happy this trip did just that for the girls. But even as adults, I am sure we can all agree that travel is great for learning and helping us create some unforgetable memories.



  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to get on all the rides between 10am -5pm !
  • Chesington is not age limited, anyone would enjoy the experience.
  • Bring extra money for extra activities for your child/ children. You don’t want to be saying ‘we can’t get the big bear because there’s no more money’.


Thank you so much.

Love, Florence.

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