Hello, there beautiful people,

Happy new month!

September is literally my month of celebration 🎉; I’ve got my graduation coming up, then it’s my birthday, my blog anniversary. I have another friend getting married; there’s just a lot to be grateful for🙌🏾

But before I get too excited, I would like to share my second collaboration with Prettylittlething for her Autumn campaign (click here to see my first collaboration). When I choose these fits, I was mindful of the Autumn colors such as the various shades of red, brown, orange, etc . I should also mention that this is an AD so all roads lead to PrettyLittleThing.com!

The first fit is the ‘Mustard Tie Detail Blazer Dress. This piece for me was love at first sight! I love everything about it, from the fit of the blazer, to the comfort, the color on my skin tone, the length, I mean the list could go on! I stand to be corrected, this blazer dress is perfect for any occasion! I paired it my black buckle clear court shoes for the shoot and I felt like the CEO of a multibillionaire company. One could also style the blazer dress with white sneakers and still get heads turning as you walk into the room #standingovation.

The second piece is the White Lace Long Sleeve Skater Dress. You guys will definitely see me wearing this piece a few times!  I love the colour white because of how versatile it is. White is also a great color for elegance and making one look put together. I’ve got thick legs and was quite skeptical of this dress not being ‘body con’ but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I’m glad cause the dress is quite unique. I love the turtle neck – a great layering piece to the lace detail on the dress. The turtle neck also gives a nice silhouette effect to the figure. One could pair this with a  nice brown trench coat, a red scarf and white pair of runners and you would be good to go for a cold Autumn night.

The third look is the VelvetHook and Eye Drop Top. We all know puffy sleeves aren’t going anywhere and I won’t lie, I’m here for it. The velvet material was what caught my attention, I find it super attractive and feminine. The hooks are also quite comfortable giving the illusion of a corset and a slim waist. Black, similar to white is also a versatile color and perfect for Autumn. The only thing I’ll do differently next time is choose a size 6 because the top does not fit quite right on the shoulder

The fourth piece is the Black Animal Tie Side Shirt’. Although I’m quite skeptical of animal prints this shirt is fab! I love the fitting (I would get a size 6 next time for that perfect fit) and the style of the shirt. I paired the shirt with my red high waisted trousers also from @PLT which turned out nice to my surprise.

The fifth piece is the ‘Black Slinky Ruched Detail Midaxi Skirt. I loved the fitting of the skirt, I’ll say no more! The only thing that makes me sad is the length I choose. I clearly saw in the description that the model is ‘5.7’ and Florence, knowing fully well that she’s a  ‘5ft 2’ still went ahead to choose the skirt. So please don’t make the same mistake as me as its quite hard to walk in the skirt. But the skirt is still a great piece!

The final piece of item is my pair of  ‘Black Bucklen Ankle Clear Cut Shoes‘. I really don’t see perplexed shoes leaving the fashion scene anytime soon and I’m loving it. I wore these shoes to a friends’s wedding to test its comfort and to my suprise, I spent the whole night in them. These shoes are definitely made for walking

Overall, in choosing the fits for the Autumn campaign, I choose staple pieces which are basically outfits and colors that every girl would need to have in her closet.

This brings me to the end of today’s post, Let me know which look you would rock.

I want to say a huge thank you to Preetylittlething for choosing to work with me once again, it’s always a pleasure!

And to you guys, my readers thank you so much for your patience and all the love I’ve been receiving recently on my most active social media platform- Instagram

I also created a short video on these looks on IG, click here to view it as it gives a different perspective to the fits.

To view the fits again, click the following link and let me know which look is your favorite!

Mustard Tie Detail Blazer Dress – click Here

Black Buckle Ankle Clear Cut Shoes’ – click Here 

Black Slinky Ruched Detail Midaxi Skirt’- click Here

White Lace Long Sleeve Skater Dress– click Here

Velvet Hook and Eye Droptop– click Here

Love you loads and have a blessed month


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