Hey Beautiful people,

As you can probably tell from the title, I was a wedding guest this weekend. I always get so excited at any chance to celebrate and show off my culture. This is officially my second time getting involved with Aso Ebi!

The wedding was celebrated over two days which is very normal with Africans.The first day was the traditional wedding ceremony, I wasn’t able to go this time but I saw mini videos on snapchat and it looked fun. Traditional weddings in Nigeria are a big deal, it’s eleborated and can go on for a whole day. It isn’t as eleborated in Europe because of space, location and expenses. I could go on describing a typical traditional wedding but this post would be too long . The basic idea around traditional wedding is the couples coming together with their family, to get blessed and to celebrate their culture through music and food.

Before the traditional ceremony, the couple would meet each other’s parents to see if the relationship can move to the next step this is the ‘introduction’. By obligation, the man brings some gifts to the ladies’ family.  The man has to constantly prove himself as worthy to marry the woman.

If you ask me, the traditional ceremony is the time for the bride to shine but then I’ve actually only been to one Nigerian Traditional ceremony in my life!

The white (church) wedding is similar to the European version. Only this time, it’s longer than an hour with singing dancing and the preacher giving a sermon and more singing and dancing! My favourite part is always ‘ you may now kiss the bride‘  then the reception. The reception is basically the party part of the wedding, from the  couples’ first dance to the brides maid and families then friends. It’s a lot of FUN.

As part of the wedding the bride  deciedes on a colour code or colour combination that she wants at her wedding. The material is bought in the colour she chooses, this could either be lace or ankara. The material is bought in large amount and then sold to family and close friends which is commonly known as  ‘Aso Ebi’ . The word Aso Ebi is a yoruba word which in literal meaning is ‘clothe for the family’. This creates a uniformed look for family members . Sometimes for an extra colourful look, couples could choose different coloured materials for the  bride and groom’s family. Recently, you have more friends and sometimes strangers wearing Aso Ebi, but it isn’t compulsory. Other west African countries are now taking part in it.

The whole idea behind the Aso Ebi is for a fibrant and colourful look with style. It makes the wedding pretty especially for photos #bellanijaweddings. As you can see in the picture my dress is a mint green color and the head tie ‘gele’ is peach. Some wore a peach coloured material with mint gele. The males wore white outfits with their  Agbada on top with peach coloured hats. I wish I have more pictures to show you. It was beautiful and of course the bride, groom and bride’s maids wore different colours entirely everytime they changed. THE MORE COLOURS, THE BETTER!

This is an example of a lace material.

This was the highlight of my weekend . I want to wish the couple a big congratulations again.

How do you celebrate weddings in your own culture, I would love to know.

See you soon


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