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I would like to apologise for not posting in this section of the blog since a month. It was not intentional but I am inspired to write again because of a blogger friend- Moj in Touch. I am inspired by her work ethic and today’s post is inspired by one of her ‘weekly Monday Motivation’ post. I have been Blogging for almost two years now and proud is the least of myself when I realize that I have only missed two weeks of not sharing a post. In the short time that I have blogged, I have seen a lot of people claim to be a lot of things they are not. I am glad Moj In Touch could relate, as she talked about the ‘fake it till you make it syndrome’ where a lot of people portray a perfect lifestyle, it’s all about their perfect houses, perfect relationships, perfect lives, I mean everything is just perfect. I mean I heard of an online figure who claims to be a size 10 online but is actually a size 14 like wow! But today’s topic is about the perfect relationship- the relationship goals.
I am not even going to lie, I have been fooled and carried away with social media relationships until a friend of min who seemed to have a perfect relationship. She admit some harsh truths about her relationship after she broke up with him. I was so sad knowing that there were times I had wished for my own ‘perfect’ relationship too!  A lot of times as women and men even, we feel incomplete without a significant other. We admire what others portray to us and we start to fall into a trap without thinking about what works for us; what our purpose is, who we are or if we are even ready to be in a relationship. Relationships I have learnt are hard work, it takes a lot of effort. It is a matter of finding the person who is worth fighting for. In order to be fulfilled in a relationship you need to be healthy, confident and grounded in yourself. When you have these three things, you will know what you bring to the table, what you expect of the other and how you will complement each other in every aspect of your life- physically, spiritually and financially.
I want to keep this real short but before getting distracted by relationship goals, be patient, love yourself because that way you can love another person. Focus on your journey, embrace the growth process, enjoy your singleness and treat yourself like the queen that you are. You are most beautiful when you are confident and grounded in yourself
I hope this hit home for someone let me know if you want me to talk about dating and relationships. I am not an expert, but we could all do with some learning and growing right?
See you soon,
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