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I am so excited to  share my first beauty product with you as I mentioned that I would in my first post this year. This post is a mini  review on the Veet’s Face Precision Wax and Care . I am a simple girl when it comes to make-up and I rarely wear make-up so for me my eye-brows are important; I try to get them looking as decent possible!

I spotted the Veet’s face precision wax at the pharmacy last week and I convinced myself to try it out. Besides, if I wax my eye-brows myself and it didn’t turn out nice  I’ll have no one to blame but myself, right? It happens a lot! I don’t get the result I want when I go to the beauty salon and it upsets me a little, cause then I have to wait a long time for it to grow back !

So let’s get into the Veet’s product itself. It was  13.55 euro which isn’t too expensive but considering that I usually get my eye-brows waxed or threaded for 5.00 sometimes 10.00 euro . I would say I should have just stuck to my regular routine…..

So the package looked like the picture down below.

The precision wax was in a lip-gloss looking tube and on the  other side is the after care cream. At the back of the same pack is the wax strips and the prcision spatula attached together. I followed the instructions printed on the back of the package; there was also a leaflet that demonstrated the instructions through images.

So I took the Precision wax out and placed it into a cup of boiling water as shown below…

I first brushed my eye-brow in the shape I wanted. After a minute I placed a generous amount of wax onto my eyebrows (the second time I used the spatula). I then placed the wax strip over it and rub it firmly  a few times as the package instructed and I removed it….well , I wanted to get that painful feel from the salon just to make sure I was doing the right thing. So I ripped the wax strip off and yes it was sore but no way close to the painful feeling I get at the salon ….

I looked into the mirror. My eyeborws looked the exact same!!

As you can see in the pictures, the first picture is what my eye-brows looked like before I applied the wax precision. the second picture is the image of my eye- brows after. If you ask me it pretty much looks the same, would you agree?

Now that I think back, maybe I shouldn’t say buying this product wasn’t such a waste of money. I ‘ll take it as an experiment but unless I could be shown what I did wrong it’s the last time I’ll buy it.

So for me the Veet’s Face Precision wax &care is a Nay! 

I know I said, I’ll be gone for a while but I couldn’t stay away.  I felt like I was gone for a month already. If this is your first time stopping by this year Happy New Year again.

See you soon


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