Hi Beautiful person,

I went in to the beauty salon to get my nails done last week. It had been long over due so I was glad I finally got the chance to visit. Afterwhich I still had to go back three times to get a couple fingers redone (shellac) . The beautician said ‘ Florence your nails are paper thin, don’t use it to wash plates or do any heavy chores otherwise you’ll keep coming back’ . Of all the tips she gave me on how to care for my nails only one thing stuck to me, which was to treat my nails as jewels and not as a tool! In my mind I thought ‘ I need to treat myself as a jewel never mind my nails’…

Ok so let’s get into today’s post.

If you have been following my blog for a while now you would have noticed that I have managed to post every week. At first I would have posted twice a week but recently I’ve reduced it to once a week. Last week I wasn’t able to post for two major reasons. First- I was having technical issues with  that needed professional attention. Secondly, as much as I find this part of my life therapeutic, sometimes ‘life happens’ and one needs to prioritise. The word ‘prioritise’ has been consistently surfacing in my daily activities of recent. I have been working so hard, trying to keep everything moving and making sure I survive. I am sure you are thinking ‘ Florence isn’t that what you always tell us. To keep going,to give life our best shot, to make the most of  our time especially when we are young. Yes I do encourage all these things but then ‘ life happens’.

‘Life happening’ can mean different things to different people. We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives that we negelect what is important. For example for me it could be a busy schedule at work and for you it could be family issues or relationship issues etc. Sometimes we can’t just help it and that’s ok! But in all these phases, it’s important to remember to treat oneself as a jewel and not as a tool. This basically means not trying to be the one fixing things all the time. As  my friends often say ‘ Florence, calm down!  Calming down includes minding our mental, spiritual and physical well being. We should take a moment to refill ourselves. Regain our strength so we can focus on what is actually important and that’s when prioritising comes in.

Over the last few days, while trying to keep on top of everything. I have also taken the opportunity to do a quick check up on my spiritual life (praying ) and my physical life, which also includes getting myself involved with a realistic exercise routine.

You are your own greatest asset.

Recognise your inner strength. Pay attention to your inner jewel. You are most useful to others after you have been useful to yourself. I hope I was able to encourage and let you know that it is ok to go through a quite time. There is time for everything even the bible confirms it in Eccesiates 3:1-8 .  As long as you come out shining like the jewel you are!

Here is a link where one of my favourite bloggers shares about purposeful isolation.

See you soon and stay beautiful.



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