Hey beautiful people,

In today’s post I will be sharing  some blog posts that have personally inspired me and have thankfully, inspired some of you too. I am particularly enjoying the responses I have been getting on the last few blog post and how they are inspiring. I hope this post  clarifies some questions I have been getting.

1- 24 Life Lessons- 2 Years on Blogging. I am shocked but this blog post is currently trending the most on the blog which is fantastic!

2- On Becoming a Fashion Blogger. I still get asked questions or still get referred to as a fashion blogger. I guess in a sense we all love a bit of trend whether or not we want to accept it. It is then up to us as individuals if we want to fully engage with it or seep it into our personal style. I won’t say to much so you guys can click into the link and read more in the actual blog.

3- Ways I lived my Best Life This Summer. Since I started college I appreciate my summer even more. To think that  I was excited going back to college is actually shocking to me. Click here to read more on my ‘Back to School Post‘.

4- My Birthday Post- 24 Things About Me. I thought I knew myself until I had to create this post. It was a little bit of a challenge but we got there and I learnt a few things about myself during the process as I had to ask some close ‘peeps’ who knew me to help add additional insights.

5-Flatlays and My Go To Beauty Products

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. You might also enjoy reading my post on ‘Why I am attracted to beautiful women‘.

****************************************************************************************Before you go, I mentioned in a previous post about my excitement in relation to MIO-PRINTS.  Checkout my page on instagram here .. a lot of cool and unique products are on the way which will feature lots of silk 🙂 I’ll be dedicating a blog post to it soon but in the meantime enjoy the following pictures. 

See you soon,


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