Hi beautiful,
This post is inspired by the flight ticket I booked a few hours ago. I had been procastinating for so long while the ticket price was getting more expensive by the day. I decided it was time to book it. Speaking of procastination, I was meant to share a post on how crucial timing is in one’s life for a long time. I guess this is the right time..
So what is timing?

By  definitions timing is the choice, judgement, or control of when something should be done.

As unique as we are as humans so our timings are in life. That is the reason why it’s important not to compare ourselves to others. However I do believe somethings are better done at certain times of our life. Especially as a young person it’s better to take advantage of the season one is in. Take Education for example, although  it’s not for everyone. It is still important to get educated especially in today’s world. Ignorance can be expensive and it is not an excuse. I shared a post before on why there is more to Education than the job you get out if it (click here). For my Irish readers, the CAO forms are closing very soon. This is the time to secure yourself a place into the university or college of your choice . Even if it’s travelling you’re interested in. I have always been told that the earlier you travel in life the better. I remember the taxi man who told me to consider travel as a form of education. He told me to set up a credit union account to save for my travelling future. At the time I wasn’t as interested in travelling but now I understand and I will never forget him. This also means there is time to save and time to spend. I can’t stress enough how crucial and relateable being on time is in every area of our lives. Another example is a summer job. In Ireland if you want a summer job, you would need to start applying and dropping CV’s in January or even earlier. There are always those exceptions but why take the risk….

I have had some people text me in regards to starting projects or even their own blog. The way I see it is this; the earlier you start the better. There is a process of growth that comes with every journey . The time is clicking, you need to start whatever it is you have been laying off  and grow with it. Then you can look back and thank God for the decision you made otherwise the price can get more expensive. Life is too short and unpredictable to wait around for a perfect time.

Stop waiting for time because it doesn’t wait for you!

I have bumped into a few of you over the last few days!  Thank you so much for coming up to say hi, it was lovely meeting you.

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See you soon


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