Well, hello there beautiful people!

Happy New Month

I am not going to lie, I’m feeling quite ashamed coming to check on you guys after a whole month since my last post! I thought to work from home equalled having a bit more time and would motivate me to blog more but God has better plans I guess, being busy is not a justifiable phrase for what April was like for me. But I’m alive, I survived April and back here to share my testimony!

Following my previous post on ‘5 Ways to stay productive while being stuck at home’ (click here) I have certainly been working out and I think I’m in good shape surprisingly because I’m not going to lie, my diet is not the best at the moment but #wemove. I have been maintaining my routine, such as working my 9-5 either at home or in the office depending on the case and we have most definitely taken hygiene to another level in my house so that’s also positive.

One of the most productive things I’ve been doing with my time is joining and enrolling into online classes, studying the industry I’m in as a content creator and applying all those learning into my personal brand and my business. The results have been great including engagement, we hit 1k followers on my business page @MIO-Prints on Instagram which is mind-blowing considering it took me 4 years to get 800 followers, so it’s nice to know I’m starting to do something right. I’ve literally been so busy and stressed with work that the little energy left is channelled towards building a better and more sustainable life for myself.  

I have to be honest in saying this ‘quarantine life’ is not for me, like it’s not my lifestyle, not being able to go out for coffee, meet friends, go for a decent photoshoot has a knock-on effect most times. However, the ability to be flexible, staying focused, learning and growing, spending more time with family and God has been such a good experience and one which I will never take for granted.

I missed you guys, and I hope you missed me too. Let’s do better this month, let’s work on areas of our lives that need improvement, life will hopefully get back to normal and we can do the things we could be able to do before, or maybe not; however one thing is for sure, this time, this free time will never come back again so be productive.

Chat soon,


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