Hey beautiful people,

Today’s post is inspired by some of the discussions I’ve had recently which is the importance of self-awareness. I am on a personal journey where I am learning to make decisions that suit me first before others and I will tell you why this is important. Hopefully, by the end of the post, you will agree and join me on the journey of self-awareness!!

What is Self-awareness?

It is the understanding of one’s own needs, desires, pitfalls, habits and everything else that triggers us emotionally. Essentially, the more we know about ourselves the better we can adapt to life changes when it’s needed. If you ask me,  self- awareness it makes your life easier,  you get to know what or who is deserving of your time. Let’s face it, there will always be situations or people that will push us to our limit and force us to discomfort ourselves and it’s important to be aware of these type of scenarios or people.

To be self- aware, you need to be able to understand certain information about yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to truly know who we are. If you have close friends who can be real with you, there’s no harm asking them a few things about yourself.  I shared a post before on friendship goals, click HERE to read.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself.

  • Who am I?
  • How do I present myself?
  • How do people see me?
  • What is happening in my life at the moment that might change my sense of self?
  • How do I manage this situation?

Self- awareness doesn’t just happen overnight, it requires you to actively work and eventually, you will reach your desired goal. It then becomes easier to stand by the decisions you make.

This topic was heavy in my heart and I just felt I had to share it. I hope I have inspired someone to invest more time in themselves. I have been learning to accept the person I am and I’m excited to continue to grow within myself.

Thank you so much,


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