Hey Beautiful person.

How are you doing today?

I’m fine myself, I’ve just been doing a lot of reflection lately. To be honest I reflect a lot and sometimes it can come across as over thinking! I know some of my friends reading this would agree, they tell me ‘oh my God, Florence it’s not that deep’… I do believe It’s a good thing to reflect because I feel it helps you to take a look at situations from a different perspective and do things better the next time. Sadly I’ve seen the negative effect of overthinking, even in my personal life. Overthinking has ruined some special moments and even caused more damage than good. So this year, I plan on working on it and creating a balance!

Ok so let’s get into today’s post before I start rambling …….

What is the human MIND?  It is not physical, it’s what makes us aware of the world. It allows us as humans to feel and think in so many way which can either be positive or negative. For example, one could either be happy or have depression or even OVERTHINK! It’s all to do with the MIND.

Last year I went to a conference called Millionaire Mind Intensive. I learnt a LOT of things but one thing that stuck with me most was recognising the power of the mind. The speaker illustrated to us how small and yet how powerful the human mind is. He helped us see how far our minds would go to stop us from achieving anything from the smallest to the greatest things. Since this conference, I ‘ve paid more attention to how my mind works and I really do see the controls it can have. I’ve been reading more,  paying more attention to what I watch or listen to and who I surround myself with cause it all adds up.

I decided this year not to restrict myself to resolutions or what not. Yes, I have goals and plans that must be achieved and I can already see myself slacking.

I can already see my mind coming up with a million excuse why I shouldn’t do certain things or take certain big steps.  At the conference, the speaker gave us a tip that has been working for me ever since. He said whenever you hear the little voice in your head stirring up excuses just say to this little voice ‘ thank you for sharing‘. It really does work especially as someone that over thinks.

This year let’s take a step back to see what hold us back. If it’s fear deal with it. If it’s toxic relationships let’s try move past or cut them off.  Your friends aren’t going to die for you,  so why live for them!

What holds you back?

What holds me back?

What holds us back?

My aims this year is to work on building a positive mindset. Be surrounded by people that support and challenge me in every area of my life. I want to learn more about myself,  read and add value to people’s lives, you guys know I love my prayers so yes I’ll be praying.  If we work on our mindset and become more open-minded, then resolutions, goals and all these methods/beliefs will become easier and achievable. Let’s trend success this year and all think like Boss Men and Boss Women.

I want to live a little and enjoy every moment as much as possible, just being more mindful.

Spend this week paying attention to how your mind works.

‘If a hundred-foot oak tree had the mind of a human, it would only grow to be ten feet tall!’

-T.Harv Eker

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See you soon


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