Hey beautiful people,

Today’s post is as short and simple as it will ever get! I just thought i’d share how I style my braids, I enjoyed this photoshoot. I only have a few pictures here but there are a LOT more. It is also my first photshoot in a bedroom, I saved myself the embarassment and kept the extra goofy ones.

My friend got tierd a of me constantly pouting, giving a straight face and then putting my hand on my waist. So I thought to make her happy I’d start dancing cause I’m weird like that and hence the result of this last photo…. I need to enroll myself  into pose classes ! Let me know which is your favourite hair style. My favourite is the last photo, I do limit my styles because I have sensitive edges and I prefer to cause it less stress. So yeah! that brings us to the end of today’s post and I am so tempted to include the other goofy pictures, but we’ll leave it….

See you soon


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