Hey guys!

Today’s post is a collaboration with Tunetoo. Tunetoo is a young French company that specialises in clothes and customisation of products.

I was allowed to choose anything from the website and the items that I chose are a basic tee shirt, a robe, a beanie hat and a cup. I customised these products with motivational messages both to myself and to you guys.  

The cup says  ‘Take your time’. This is an important message and a gentle reminder not to compare ourselves to others. It is so easy to fit our life goals into an age bracket or expectations that other people place on us.  However, when you take your time and understand that your timing is different to everyone else, you begin to appreciate yourself more.

The hat says ‘Dreamer’. It is important to have dreams and aspire to become the best version of yourself.  Having a dream reminds you of the possibility of a better life. No one can tell you how big to dream and guess what?.. dreams come through! However, while we have dreams we must set achievable goals and work on them daily.

The top says ‘Enjoy your moment’. While you create dreams and take your time in achieving the goals you have set. It is important to enjoy the moments and the process it takes for that dream to come through.  I shared a post earlier on this year about being more present, click here to read.

The robe says ‘Outfit of the day’. Wearing a robe as an outfit for me signifies rest and being chilled for the day. It is a gentle reminder to myself to rest more and take care of myself. I encourage you to do the same.

This brings me to the end of my post. Make sure you check out Tunetoo’s page. I hope you guys found this post helpful, let me know if you customised your own products.

See you soon

Brick by Brick I will be successful

-Favour Olufemi-Ojo

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