Hi beautiful people,
I cannot tell you guys how many times I have changed the title and content of this blog post. But the most important thing is that its finally being published. September, without a doubt, has been the highlight of year 2019 with so many beautiful memories to cherish. I had my graduation, celebrated my birthday (thank you so much for all the beautiful messages), I attended a few weddings and one of my sisters got engaged. Moulded-inside- out turned three years on the 19th of September too!
I wanted to share a motivational piece as we enter into the last few months of the year 2019. In my conversations with people, it seems some people have given up on the year before it’s even ended.  I have heard people say things like ‘ 2019 has been the worst year so far’, or ‘ 2019 has been a challenge in so many ways’. Sometimes it’s hard when you are on the receiving end of such information and it breaks my heart because I genuinely believe this year still has so many potentials…..If it helps, there are 13 weeks, a day, 92 days and 2 hours, 8 minutes and  3 seconds left in this year! 
One thing I believe has helped me through the most challenging experience this year has been my ability to speak great things into existence. It takes discipline to choose to focus on positive things during tough times. Speaking great things into existence will motivate you to reach that new level you desire in your creativity, your job, your relationship, your life and so on. The year 2019 is not over and you can still make the most of it. We need to revisit those goals if by now you have not achieved most of it, that’s fine. Make a new set of realistic goals and start working towards them. It’s all about the energy, its all about the mindset, I’m speaking to myself as too.
Remember, there is power in your tongue and your mind is a powerful tool. The year is not over yet and things can still turn around for you if you believe it. If you work towards it and if you say it with your mouth.  We must find our passion. We must find and understand our purpose. We must persevere, develop inner strength, pray, speak success and believe everything we say.

2019 is not over and a lot of great things is yet to happen.

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