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I am excited about today’s post. I’ ll be sharing  with you about my day trip to Newcastle in Co Down. Newcastle is in the Northern side of Ireland. I will divide my trip into a two series post. This means it’s not too long. This will also give me the chance to share separately the different locations.

It is n’ t always easy with the type of job I do to get time off. I  have been working back to back for a while now and just as I was almost hitting breaking point. I decided it was time for a break. I would need to start with a WHOLE day to  just relax and chill. All I needed was a place easy enough to reach by car or public transportation.

My friend suggested Newcastle. Following this, I did some personal research and fell in love with Newcastle. There was a  lot of outdoor activities  with an amazing choices for people to choose from. I knew this would also give me the chance to step out of my comfort zone. I was excited to being a tourist in my own country. My choice to visit Newcastle seemed even better when I told colleagues in work. The smiles….. the sighs…..and then the pauses……..Florence, you’ll enjoy it. Newcastle is such a pretty little town. That was enough confirmation for me!

So with the information I’d gathered online and  by the word of mouth from trusted sources . I convinced my big sister to come with me on this trip. Luckily for me, it wasn’t hard at all. Besides, we had a lot of sister time we needed to catch up on. This meant the trip was a two in one !!

It was important that we go to Newcastle as early as possible so we could get the most of the day. I woke up as early as 6:30 am.  My sister arrived at the house at 7:40 am, of course who wasn’t ready? ….. Itunu!!! I can be a bit of a messer… We thought to pack  a mini hand luggage box. You should have seen the amount of things we packed, you’d think we were actually spending a night. We even packed extra underwear. Since we weren’t sure of the exact activities we would take part in. I’m not all about to taking  chances…

We got the bus into  town, grabbed a quick breakfast roll and went to the Bus Eireann Station. The bus route wasn’t hectic. We stopped at  Newry, then got another bus to Newcastle. The journey to Newry was an hour and the journey to Newcastle was an hour 20 minutes which wasn’t too bad at all.

The weather was a bit cold and a bit wet but I was prepared and dressed comfortable. So I had no problem.


Our first stop in Newcastle was the visitor centre. In our tourist mode we walked in and asked questions ‘hi, we’re  here for the day from Dublin. We’ re wondering if you had an advice on how to get to places in Newcastle ‘  The lady replied with a not so good news. She informed us that Newcastle was an attraction for people who loved outdoor activities . The day’s weather was not suitable. As Newcastle also had some beautiful scenes , she gave us options that could suit the weather. I’d been so excited about the Mourne  mountain climbing. Unfortunately as she explained the weather condition and the risk with these activities. It was best to listen. Not discouraged, especially since we had made the effort to come all the way. We decided on a place to visit and I am glad we choose ………

……The Tullymore forest and the Promenade Way by  the Shimna River. The Promenade Way’s  view caught our attention almost immediately. The  scene was just so beautiful. It only made sense that this was where our day started. We walked along the wet sandy beach to the bridge over the Shimna River. The first section of the walk makes up the  Newcastle coastline . This goes all the way around to the promontory of Murlough. We got the chance to walk from one end of town to the other along the promenade.

Even though the weather was cold , I absolutely  enjoyed this walk . it was nice and refreshing. I needed the fresh air!!





We didn’t forget to have fun!


After the long walk. We branched to a small coffee shop in Newcastle town before we continued to the next place . I actually forgot the name of the coffee shop , but you know what? That doesn’t even matter cause we got the most amazing coffee and hot chocolate !!

Can I just say now? I love cappuciono!!


In my next post on my trip to Newcastle. I’ll be sharing about the second place we visited. The Tullymore Forest. I’ll also be sharing the hostility we experienced from the people in Newcastle! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

Have a fab one!!

See you soon,


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