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I hope you are all doing great? I am doing great myself!  This week’s post is inspired by the celebrations I had over the weekend. I was surrounded by friends turned into family. Those friends that play huge roles in my life.

The relationship between friends has been researched in the academic fields. For example communication, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, philosophy and many other theories. It’s clearly that deep!! So next time you are choosing a friend consider all those theories and the big words I mentioned above.

An acquaintance is someone you know but isn’t a close friend. It’s the person you see and talk to whenever.

Friendship is based on mutual affection and interpersonal interactions between people. Basically, a friend is someone you share an interest with.

*7 friends you need in your life

  1. The Best friend– this person is loyal to you and knows every side of you including those dirty secrets! This person will tell you the truth at all times. He/she supports you in every decision you make without judging you… well most of the time!
  2. The Adventurous friend– this person brings you out of your comfort zone.  This person pushes you to try something different and reminds you of the world outside of your own ‘bubble’. This person is usually the one who is always trying out adventurous things…
  3. The blunt friend– everyone needs this type of friend* important*. Personally, I wish I was like this but I get too scared to hurt people’s feelings, so I am not a good friend! (jokes).  But honestly, it’s important to hear the truth as it is. It should be in a CONSTRUCTIVE way. My older friends normally play this role.
  4.  The inspirational friend– I love this one. Automatically I can name about four friends in my life that inspire and motivate me. I honestly believe if there isn’t that ‘one’ friend who motivates you to do more and better. Then you need to think about the people you surround yourself with. You don’t want to be spending time with people that limit you because your time is precious right?  This should always be full of passion for what they do and it is so positive, it just motivates you to find your passion. This can be related to your spiritual life too, someone who motivates you to pray!
  5.  The opposite friend– consider having a friend that is totally different you. I am not just talking about a ‘ white’ friend if you are black or a ‘ black’ friend if you are white. It could be someone with a different belief, race, culture, gender or orientation from you. It helps open your mindset and helps you to reconfirm your life values.
  6.  The friendly neighbour– this one might sound funny. But I can’t tell you how many times we have locked ourselves out of the house. A random window would be opened. So we’d need a neighbour to climb up the window to help open the door from the inside.
  7.  The work friend- For those of us who work. Can we all agree that work is easier when it’s in a friendly environment ? Especially if you work long hours like myself, the last things you need is a hostile environment. So do make sure you have friends in work when and if you can, it makes your working life easier!

*Friends to careful of.

  • The friends who only listen but will NEVER share anything about themselves with you. Remember friendship involves interactions and should be a give and take process.
  • The friend who is always negative and criticising. This person ONLY brings bad energy and always leave you feeling so negative.
  • The friend who always brings other people down. If you’re comfortable with someone trashing others. Well, don’t be surprised if you are the next one to be trashed.
  • The friend your family doesn’t like.  I know this sounds harsh but most of the time our family especially parents can see what we don’t.

This brings me to the end of my post. I hope you found this helpful. There a few types of friends I left out but this post would be too long. This post is dedicated to my amazing friends. I am here because of you and I love you guys so much.

See you soon


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