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I’m excited because now I can safely say summer is around the corner!!

This post is the second part of my recent trip to Rotterdam,  it feels like months ago at this stage! I’m going to keep it casual as I share some of the moments I was able to capture in the few days. Finding our way around wasn’t always easy , firstly because for most of us it was the first time visiting Rotterdam . Secondly only one of us actually spoke Dutch so you can expect we faced some language barriers; thank God we had google map. I have to say when I found out that the currency in Netherland was euro, it was a bonus for me. I’m not the best at maths hence the struggle is real when I try to do calculations with currency exchange.

Dinner was one of the only time we could get the whole group on a joint activity. I enjoyed these moments as I got to meet someone new every night. My favourite place was the Morracan restaurant called the  Bazar . I knew I couldn’t take a lot pictures cause there were other people there so I shared  as much as I could  on snapchat. Morracan food reminds me of Nigerian food except it’s not as spicy. I heard the Moroccan Food in Ireland is a lot nicer so I can’t wait to try it!

On the second night,  I almost got knocked down by a bicycle and only then did I realise there were cyclist everywhere. It even sounds weird saying I nearly got knocked down by a bicycle! They had as many bicyles on the road as cars, which was a bit strange seeing as this wasn’t the case in Ireland …..well at least not yet. I was told cycling on it’s own represents a culture with 80% of people owning a bicycle and another 32% of people cycling on a weekly basis! In the eye of the law both the cyclist and drivers are equal. I believe this will be the same case in Ireland very soon.

At this point, I’d like to mention that I haven’t seen a city as clean as Rotterdam. I can count  on my fingers places  in Ireland that’s as clean as this place. I was observant everytime we were out both in the morning and night. It was almost as if the whole country was on it’s best behaviour!

The roads in Rotterdam reminded me of the highways in Canada. Everytime I got in the taxi I got a Canadian vibe. Whenever we got the train, it brought back memories from a vacation I took with my family when we boarded the train heading from Rome to Napoli. So let’s just say Rotterdam brought back a lot of positive memories.


The one dirt I spotted on the ground in five days!

I don’t want this to end, but I’m now at the end of today’s post. I will definitely be visiting Rotterdam again and I’ll have a lot more to share with you. guys. I hope you enjoyed the series of my trip to Rotterdam.

See you soon


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