Hi beautiful person,

This post has been on my mind since the start of my blog journey. The initial reaction I got from my friends when I started blogging was that I had joined a modelling agency. When I explained to them that I was a blogger, they got confused on why I had images included in my blog posts. I tried to explain the reason why I am a blogger and not a model, but since I still got a message recently. I thought it was time I came here and explain what a blogger is once and for all.

Blogging is a platform created by an individual or small group. It aims to share topics based on interests, ideas or thoughts and it could be personal . One could blog on anything from Politics, Food, Fashion, Make-Up , Travel, Lifestyle, Art to Electronic Gadgets. Although, the language should be informal and conversational. I have come across a few formal blogs. I guess it depends on the writer and the type of blog. For example a political blogger may be formal while a gossip blogger may be a lot less formal to benefit it’s purpose.  My first attraction to the concept of a blog was typing .  All I needed was a quite space, my laptop and a cup of cappuccino and I was good to go. Even in terms of communicating through the phone, I have always peferred texting . Blogging on a personal level has become therapeutic!! It helps me relax and collect myself together especially when I am under pressure. 

Looking back a few years ago If someone told me I’d blog. I would laugh because even though I have always felt I have something to share. I never thought it would be through Blogging. I decided to start blogging after my trip to Nigeria. Before the trip, I thought of how best to share my experience with my friends and work colleagues. I knew people would be curious , I mean it was the first time back in 15 years!! After attending the web launch of Hair by Adi- HBA and met other Irish Bloggers and Youtubers. The information that was shared was enough with the right timing. The right equipments and the right mind to launch MOULDEDINSIDEOUT. 

The name MOULDEDINSIDEOUT is my prayer to God everyday. I will never forget the day I received the name mouldedinsideout. I was about to have a nap upstairs in my sisters house. At this stage I was ready to launch but I needed a domain name (e.g www…).  I had spent a few weeks thinking on a name that would best suit my personality. As I was praying, I said a funny prayer…’God mould me from the inside’ and it clicked!  The name Mouldedinsideout came in very a quite voice and I knew it was it. It felt almost as if this was my actual name, it was perfect. It was an amazing experience. Before this, I had thought of my nick names from my school friend such as Flojo, Mojo- jojo, Flo-rida and others ones I will not mention! I also thought of a name as simple as Florence Olufemi-Ojo.

Mouldedinsideout aims to share her experience on culture, lifestlye and travel. This will include features of her faith and beauty . I love how I have managed to create an extended family with my Blog. I have gained so much  experience in the space of a few months and I am excited for what the future holds for MOULDEDINSIDEOUT!! 

random moment during the shoot!

Thank you so much.

See you soon


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