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In today’s post I will share about the importance of saving, it is a topic that has been on my mind for a while. Saving is a life skill that unfortunately does not get enough attention which is  sad because money plays a huge role in successful living. I am sure you have all heard people talk about how money is not everything in life and that money cannot guarantee happiness, while these statements are true to a certain degree, they are also untrue! Money can contribute to peace and  happiness, combining the skills of saving gives a sense of stability and self-worth.

Think about these scenarios for a moment right…. you want to travel, you want to start a business, you want to start a course in Uni or  you want to buy a new car. You want to quit your current job and start following your passion but you don’t have the money.

In order to achieve great things in life, it is so important to cultivate the habit of saving. What makes me most sad is that I have spent a good 18 years of my life in education and not once do I remember being taught about the life skill of saving. We weren’t even taught how to use a bank card-  ridiculous!

Here are a few benefits of saving.

  • You get a peace of mind knowing you afford to take necessary decisions to secure your future. It helps you to aspire and plan better which leads to a better quality life. If you don’t have sufficient amount of money saved to take necessary steps it has a negative effect on your well-being and even gives you sleepless nights.
  • When you save, you can start realising your dream. A lot us have big dreams whether it is to do with traveling, starting a business, investing and so on but in order to achieve most of these dreams you need to have money! Regular savings will help you to reach the goals you set.
  • Savings come in handy in times of emergency. No one prays to be in situations that requires instant financial attention but life happens sometimes- losing a job, hospitalisation, life crisis, I mean it could even be that you want to order Chinese and if you don’t have that money then what?
  • Saving gives you the power of freedom and independence. In my humble opinion, saving and having my own money gave me independence as opposed to being an adult in general. When you save, you can be in the right place at the right time and be able to deal with any situation life throws at you.
  • Saving makes you feel good. If you have ever checked your balance and seen a minus, or been broke and been forced to swallow your saliva to avoid crying then you will understand. You will understand the feeling of being limited because of money.

This brings me to the end of my post guys. It is important that we live our best lives and money is one of the greatest resource to achieve this! Let me know in the comment section if you would like more posts on saving and how to manage money bette. There is a lot more we can learn together.


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