Hey beautiful people,

I haven’t posted about my hair in such a long time. My edges ( hairline ) needed to rest after my last weave. If you haven’t seen that post please click here to see it, I had the weave in for a month plus. After I took the weave out I thought for a break it would be best to get my hair braided in ‘didi’ which is the same as french plaits but in cornrows. I also wore hair scarves to protect the didi ; I tried wearing a wig as a protective style but it made my edges worst so I stopped. My edges are …. let just say ‘sensitive’ so I’m careful with the protective styles I choose.

 So yes after a month or so with the ‘didi’, I thought I’d go back to braids , I hadn’t got them done in a long time. Getting the braids also worked out nice cause me and my friend made ourselves a deal. I did hers’ a month before and in return  she agreed to get mine done too. ‘See wasn’t  that a good deal, I made use of my skill right?… you should too.
The braids took 4 hours which is fine cause me amd my friend use this opportunity to catch up !
I used three packs of the expression extension in colour 33, which is a deep brown burgundy colour.
I love them so much, it’s just nice and simple . I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from people.
The braids are still a bit sore, I would’ve loved to show you pictures on how I style my braids. Maybe that will be my next hairstyle post. I have tried a lot of products and hair oils to make my edges grow, still haven’t found a suitable one. If you have any ideas on what to use please help a sister out! 


Thank you so much .

See you soon


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