Hey beautiful person,

Today’s post is an update on my new hairstyle known as crochet. It has been a long time since I did my own hair. I thought I should go for a full fringe instead of my regular side fringe. This time, I also made sure to choose the right colour , click here to see my last post. Over the past few weeks, I experimented on simple hairstyles with my own natural hair. This also gave my hair the chance to work with Alumine hair care products which I am loving by the way.

I got the extension from my local African Hair Supply Store. I got three packs of the X-pression Crochet Curley hair in colour 1. I ended up using two 1/2 packs because I was happy with the fullness. One thing I love about  Crochet is how easy it is to achieve. It does not require you to be particularly good at braiding . You just need to braid your hair in the right pattern to achieve the result you want. I would normally braid my hair in a simple straight cornrow but this time since I wanted a full fringe. I braided my hair in a round  or should I say ‘circular’ pattern.
The first thing I did was cut the hair extention into half. Then I divided each strand into three. This made it a lot easier to work with when using the crochet needle and also to achieve a fuller look. Once the hair was braided , I slip the needle under the braid. Then I put the hair extention into the hook and close the latch. I pulled the needle back out under the braid and opened the latch. I made a loop hole with the hair and tied a knot. I continued this routine until my whole hair was done.
*As I wasn’t able to take a picture of my own head, I used my sister as a model.

This is what my hair looks like from the back.

Thank you for staying till the end. I hope I explained how to achieve a crochet hairstyle clearly. I found this video helpful (click here).

This is the finish look of my sister’s hair. She choose a different type of hair and as you can see. She is camara shy!

See you soon,


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