Hey beautiful people,

I was invited to my first public speaking event !!! It was a TED-Talk experience organised by a society called ‘We-are-purposeful-movement’ in Maynooth University ,Ireland. Before I move on, I would just like to take a moment to appreciate opportunities like this because it makes me realise how lucky I am to do what I do.  I am so grateful and I just want to thank you so much for the continuous support!

Okay let’s get into today’s post!

Favour Oboyo, the Vice President of the society was very specific on what they wanted me to talk about. The Experience was to be centred around the theme of who I was with purpose. It involved me sharing about my understanding of what made me unique and original and how I felt  this has lead me towards finding my purpose.The room was filled with young enthusiastic people, who were eager to learn, the  atmosphere seemed so open minded and non-judgemental which was just great.

I spoke about my passion for blogging, what life events happened  that lead to the bold step to start my blog journey and how this has enabled me to live a purposeful life. I shared about my background, the struggles I had faced, I shared about my top blog posts and the responses and the impact that had on me. I particularly shared about the insecurities I once had (click here) and the courage it took to share this openly. I spoke about the various  opportunities I have experienced such as winning a competition with the Irish Times for Africa Day in Ireland. This including the various companies I have worked with including PrettyLittleThings. Most importantly of course, I spoke about you guys- my beautiful readers without you the show would not have continued!

There was also a discussion panel made up of five incredible individuals who were also making a difference in their own rights. It was lead by the president Esther Ade and the questions asked ranged from where they started, the obstacles they faced in their lives and many more. A lot of the discussion was inspirational while some I was able to relate with iimmidiately in my daily living. I took loads of notes and just thought I would share quotes that stood out to me:

‘Being unique can just be you being you’

‘Not everything that happens to you is your fault. But with whatever action you take, you have a responsibility’ 

”You will continually face emotional obstacles if you are emotionally dependent on people


I would like to use this moment to thank the team at ‘we-are-purposeful-movement’ . Thank you for choosing Moulded-Inside-Out to come and share her story and vision. The experience was surreal and has proved to me that there is power in words and speaking things into existence. I am  just excited to the many other doors of opportunity blogging will open for me. Also, the organisation of the actual event, the warm welcome I received, the culture of the society how people related and were respected was absolutely impressive.

I want to challenge you to take that bold step towards your passion. Follow your heart, listen to that still voice. At the end of the day you have nothing to lose, the worse that will happen is you’ll fail or fall and if so you just need to get back up and start again.  Take the bold step, don’t limit yourself and believe that one day someone will take notice of what you are doing and send that email! I hope you guys could feel my excitement through out the post but most importantly, I hope you have been inspired.

Here are the Panelist:

  • Esther Ade the President of the society – click here
  • Sammie from ‘Let’s talk goals with Sammie’- click here
  • Ellen, a Keyboardist at Ellenomello – click here
  • Daniel Buckley a photographer from- click here, I am sure you know I connected with him immediately- click here
  • Leon Diop, the president of the student union in MaynoothUniversity- click here

See you soon


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