Hi beautiful person,

Today’s post is a reflection of how I have been feeling lately. I have not posted motivational posts in a while and this has not been intentional. On the other hand, I have been trying something different on the blog and the feedback has been great. This is encouraging please keep sending the feedback both in the comment section or by email I read and reply all messages. I have been a bit busier since the first quarter of this year. It seems almost as if I was not present for most of it but I have learned to put God first in every challenge I face. My relationship with him is not where I want it to be yet but it’s getting better. Thank God.

One of my biggest lessons so far this year is that I am enough. I have learned that not all relationships are meant to be and I understand that certain people are placed in our lives for a specific purpose and for a season. When it is time for them to move on, let them and thank God for that season as you pray for him to bring better people into your life. I spoke about this with a friend on the phone recently and it felt nice to have heard her share the same feeling. It reminded me of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will help you grow. There really is no point in engaging in a conversation that leaves you feeling bitter or resentful afterward.  I shared about friendship goals before here on the blog, click here.

I have not read an actual book in a long time which is honestly not good enough. I have loads of assignments and research to do in uni, it feels like I am still reading. In the next quarter of this year, I want to get back to reading and expanding my knowledge. Speaking of books, Moj In Touch has published another book and I cannot wait to read it, click here.

Thank you Tunetoo. for my presents, check out their page and show some love. I will share more about this in my next post.

See you soon,


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