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Today’s post is inspired by a conversation I recently got into with my sister. I learnt a new concept about love and I thought I’d share it with you. Before I head on, I’ll just point out that this post isn’t saying that I am an expert at love or relationships. However it is what I deal with on a daily basis  from my family, friends ,work colleagues to my partner and so on. Bearing in mind that when I mention love and relationships, i’m not just talking in terms of boyfriend & girlfriend relationship.

Love is a beautiful thing when it’s found.

What is Love?

This question doesn’t get any easier even as I get older. Firstly, my bible tells me that Love is the greatest of all commandments.  Love is a lot more powerful than most people realise hence the reason why it’s underated! If we as humans  practiced love as it should be the world would be a better place to live in fullstop. Would you agree that love is an emotion that develops into feelings in the heart?  It can also be a personal feeling. Have you ever heard someone say  ‘oh the things I do for love!’ …..no? Ok, maybe it’s just me. I say it to my friends when I feel I’ve gone above and beyond. But really that’s what love is meant to be, you’re meant to go out of your way to help others. You’re suppose to look beyond mistakes and tolerate others and situations . You’re meant to go out of your way to prove it and I’m not just talking about spending money. Love could be shown through gestures. We should take note that there is a fine line between lust and love. But for the sake of length I’ll focus on love and it’s gift.

 Love is necessary for living. Chemicals are realeased into the blood that makes you feel good.

Love in it’s self is an attitude.

Love I’m happy to let you know is a natural human feeling. Sadly not everybody is capable of sharing this feeling.

Love is that drive in humans that leads to actions.

Love as a concept  has been around for years. Although, it might be shown in different ways .It’s found in every culture and is expressed in many ways across different relationships and cultures.

Love is that one thing that most religions claim to preach. The true mark of Christianity is love. 1st Corinthians 13:13 says ‘love is the greatest of faith, love and hope’.

But up until this moment I’ve never seen Love as a gift.

It’s an expensive gift! There was one time in my life when I ended a relationship . I’d conclude that I’ve wasted my time, effort and emotion . Maybe because I put my heart out every time , it almost feels like my heart is broken again and again  (as I mentioned earlier this isn’t limited to boyfriend/ girlfriend issues).But it shouldn’t be the case if I saw it as a gift. That way not only does love sound more beautiful, the emotion attached to it becomes easier to deal with.

I gave you the gift of my love.

You gave me the gift of your love.

I received the gift of your love .

I enjoyed the moments we’ve shared by this gift.

Love is forever evolving because as humans we change all the time

As much as we should give the gift of love, it’s also important to receive the gift. It’s a universal principle that those who give receive. So learn how to receive!

I’ll end this post on a short note. Know your worth. Be aware of the time to stop giving and receiving the gift of love. Recognise when you’re in a toxic relationship. When there’s more damage than good being done.

Love is a beautiful thing. Let’s all learn to cherish the gift it offers in all types of relationship.

I dedicate this post to my friend.

I love you.

See you soon,


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