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I love this time of the year – Spring ; I love this season for so many reasons.  Although in Ireland the weather is never guaranteed with the possibility of seeing  four seasons in one day. I’m still excited because I started blogging in the colder (autumn) season. I had to bring heavy coats and scarves on my photoshoot with a packet of tissue. You can understand why I’m loving what is about to happen this summer . Regardless of the weather, I’ve learnt to make the most at my photoshoots and having FUN is always a MOTO on Mouldedinsideout.

I also love this season because everyone is in such a bright and happy mood. The atmosphere is a lot more positive, when I walk around I notice people smile a lot more ( I guess you’ve noticed too) . A lot of people are out jogging or walking on the streets pumping out sweats . It just goes to show that one way or the other we could all do with some Vitamin D. The evenings are a lot longer which helps with getting so much done in the day. I’m a lot more happier leaving work late. The only thing I don’t understand is why some people are already getting rid of their jacket; I still find the weather a bit cold and that’s probably cause I’m such a cold creature

This season also motivates me to become a tourist in my own country especially within Dublin.  In fact there we go, I’ll make it one of my summer goals to visit some famous landmarks. I guess one is  covered since this photoshoot was taken on the grounds of Trinity College. If you have any ideas on places I could visit do let me know, in the mean time I’ll visit tourist shops. 
Speaking of goals, another one is to learn how to ride a bike. Yes I know what you’re thinking, but I owe it to myself at the age of 22. I’m finally  going to commit to learn how to ride a bike, but listen nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. One of my colleagues from work in quote said ‘ ah Florence you’ve got to be kidding me, we’ll have to get you to ride a bike before you leave us’. So I’m going to hold him to his word.

This is also the  time that we can all reflect on our initial goals and resolutions from the beginning of the year. As I said in my first post of the year, I’m not going by any resolutions other than to protect and care for my mind.  I also made a promise to remain the best version of myself which is all going to remain my goal till the very last day of this year.

What’s your favourite season ?

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