I thought I knew myself until this post. It was so hard trying to find 24 things about myself, especially considering the fact that I am probably not the most interesting person. However, since it’s my birthday today I decided to join this challenge, so here goes 24 things about me!

  1. I am officially 24 years old today! I am actually beyond excited and count it a privilege to be alive … I mean c’mon what a time to be alive.
  2. I am the first of 5 children and the smallest too lol
  3. I am currently studying a Master’s Programme in UCD (Social Work) as a matter of fact, I am probably in lectures or in Uni as you read this post.
  4. I am a Christian, I believe in God. I really try to not be religious, I prefer that my lifestyle reflect my faith this I consider most important.
  5.   I am 5.4. I have learnt to embrace my height over the years, but I still have hope and refuse to believe that I have stopped growing.
  6.  I love hot water and in fact rarely drink anything else. This started during my undergrad when I could not afford to buy as much tea as I desired, hot water became a good substitute and has stuck with me ever since.
  7. I love cappuccino and when paired with a muffin I am the happiest child in the world. Unfortunately, because I have been working night shifts since May both cappuccino and coffee are losing their effects on me. So please, suggestions will be gladly accepted on how to stay awake during the night.
  8.  I am a texter, because I talk fast (which has improved by the way), I also prefer texting as it helps me avoid repeating myself.
  9. My hair natural hair ( for my Non-African viewers that basically means I no longer chemically straighten my hair )  I am quite tempted to go back though, but it’s funny how Adi (HBA) who did my hair in these pictures advised me not to. Apparently, my hair is healthy!


10. As much as I would classify myself African, I also see myself as Irish. I classify it as such: African Irish.

11. I love music and I have been in a few choirs outside my traditional home-church. I am currently  in Discovery Gospel Choir and have been since I was 18. I have learnt so much from being in this choir and although I am not where I want to be yet, I am very excited for the future.

12. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with food sometimes I struggle with finding a balance with what is healthy and what is tasty. 

13.  I love seeing other people doing so well. I have to say right now in Ireland we have a lot of young African women and men doing some amazing things in the worlds of  art, music, fashion, blogging, modelling and even within policy settings it’s great. It just motivates me to keep pushing and breaking the limits!

14. Since we are doing this, I might as well share that I am in a relationship.

15.  As creepy as it may sound I hate darkness. I am a child of the light but because I spent the whole summer working night shifts I am getting accustomed to dark nights. It’s funny because my phobia is just in relation to leaving the house at dark hours/. On a night out I am perfectly fine, quite counterintuitive really.

16. I find it easier to spend money on others than myself, which is not necessarily great. I working on this, selflove and self-appreciation is crucial.

17. I love travelling but because I am currently completing my studies I haven’t done a lot of it.  #CHAPTER24ISFORTRAVELLING.

18. You would need to be family or the closest of my friends to know how much of an annoying person I am. But they all love me the same.

19.  I play a lot and I pretty much get along with everyone. If I don’t get along with you then, you are most likely the problem because I am simply perfection ( guys only kidding Image result for laughing emojis)

20. I deep things a lot! I still overthink sometimes and although not as much I am an emotional person

21. I am an observer and notice things to as simple as a different brow shape!Image result for curious emojis

22. I love a good workout session, I love Zumba – carried out through YouTube. I am also learning to enjoy the gym

23. I love doing other people’s hair and this is passion of mine. But it’s a passion I do not think I will pursue just because of time. Instead it will have to remain a hobby for relaxation.

24. Finally, guy’s I am launching my own business soon.Image result for dancing emojis…. Keep an eye out for MIO- Printz

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and getting to know a bit more about me. Tomorrow, the 19th of September  is another  day of celebration for me as Moulded-Inside-Out is 2 years Image result for celebration emoji

See you soon.


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