Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

There were some technical difficulties on the website yesterday but since I had already shared a post published and some of you had seen it and gave me feedback. I saw it as an opportunity to address some issues that had been raised. For those who celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, I hope you had a great time! I went to work and after I met up with a girlfriend, we went to the cinema to watch ‘Alita, the battle angel’,  then grabbed something light to eat.

If Valentines Day for you was romantic, flirty or casual then you might have fancied some of the pieces I picked up from Femme Luxe. Femme Luxe is becoming my go to online brand. They have some key pieces that would suit all types of occasions- everyday slay, a special event or a date night. I love that women of all shapes and sizes would find something to suit them.  

Okay, so let’s talk about Valentines Day, is it overrated or should I say was it overrated?? It dawned on me as the day was approaching that the concept of receiving and buying presents,  going to the most fancy restaurant was priority. I met a lady, who was single, she spoke about how she was not looking forward to Valentine’s Day because of the pressure of being single and aloneThe worst story I heard was of a young man who died by suicide as a result of his girlfriend breaking up with him on Valentine’s Day. I know these are extreme cases and there was probably some mental health issue there too but really is Valentine’s Day overrated???  

Has Valentine’s Day lost its true essence??

This isn’t to ignore the positive aspects of Valentine’s Day. Personally, I love the colours associated with the day- red, white, pink. Dark red or black is also associated with the season to symbolise rebirth and new life . Valentine’s Day is also a perfect time to remember our loved ones and it can be nice to use the period to extend our gratitude. Valentine’s Day has also brought out the best in people in terms of how creative they can be in going above and beyond for their special person and that’s something to acknowledge. 

But one thing the world could do more of is love in general and we definitely need more than one day dedicated to showing love and appreciating our loved ones.

Valentine’s Day has become overrated in the following circumstance:

  • If it’s the only day you get to be treated like a Queen/ King
  • If all you expect is expensive presents and don’t remember to appreciate the little things such as spending time together with a special person.
  • If  it’s the only day you remember to treat anyone right.
  • If you feel it’s just for individuals that are in a relationship.
  • Finally Valentines Day become overrated when it becomes a motivation to worry

Love is so powerful and when in the right circumstance. Love is meant to grow, evolve, redefine, define and filter out what works and what doesn’t. But if we were to truly define love, it would take another post. Valentine’s Day has lost its essence and becomes overrated if we don’t have the right intentions which is to spread, express and feel loved.

I truly hope your Valentine’s Day represented love in some shape or form. Before I end the post, below are the pieces I picked up from Femme Luxe, inspired by Valentines Day.

1.The first which is my favourite, is the Black one shoulder ruched slinky midi dress-savannah. I love how comfortable this dress is, even better is the fact that it appears simple but once you pair it with your heels, the right bag and the right assessories you’re good to go. 


2.This Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear setDeana. I love this piece, it is so comfortable and gives the perfect ‘I’m ready to chill look’. I styled it with a heeled leather boots to dress it up but feel free to wear runners if you prefer.

3. Rust Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Jumpsuit – Hattie. This jumpsuit gives the perfect effortless vibe, also quite flirty. The cold shoulder is one of the fashion trends I will never get tired of! I have also got lots of compliment with this piece.

4. The final look is this Mustard Extreme Polo Neck Oversized Jumper – Amber.  Another perfect piece for a casual brunch or cinema date.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and understand just how important it is to appreciate your loved ones but with the best intensions.

Leave a comment below and let me know which look was your favourite look.

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