Hey Beautiful people,

You guys should know me by now, I love reflecting and the majority of my blog posts have been inspired by conversations I have had or by people I have met or by events I have attended. I am a reflective person and I cannot seem to help myself. Shared in this post about some of the negatives of being over reflective (overthinking). On a more positive note though, this is what Mouldedinsideout is partly about- reflection and looking for ways to become a better person.

Today’s post was inspired by a phone call I got recently from a friend of mine. We worked together in the music scene with my Discovery family but when I decided to take my Blog serious and I was on the search for a web designer, I was shocked to be introduced to him because I had no idea that was his specialty – web design and being a creative consultant. See, this is why you should always treat people with respect because you’ll never know when you’ll need them! For a long time after discussing prices for a good design, I have been avoiding this guy… fast forward 22 months, I finally decide to talk about collaborations and negotiations.

As I talked, the first thing he spoke to me about was the importance of investment. According to him sowing a seed into your own life is important to reap great results. On a personal level in the last couple of months, I have invested time into making myself a better person. I took a break from a lot of things mentally and I have seen the benefits even in my relationship. While you can invest time into yourself, money is a major factor that we will need to be invested in ourselves at all stage in our lives. I spoke about the importance of saving in this post. So essentially, in this context the phone call was about investing money into my blog. Other ways I have invested into myself finally includes my education which may also be relevant to you. For others, it could be diet which we all know is expensive!!

If you want to see change, you have to stop doing the same thing, try something new – learn something new. If you recognise that you have a talent, or gift and you need help taking that gift to the next level you will need to invest into it. I do not share much of my musical side here on the blog, but I cannot even start to share how much time and money I have invested into my voice and musical experience. Am I where I want to be? …erm nope! But one day we will get there.

To end on an even more positive note, I want to let you know that you are doing an amazing job!

Do not give up, you might feel nobody notices it, but they do, keep working hard and one day it will pay off. Don’t stop until you are proud

Love, Florence X

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