Reading the title, the  first thing that comes to my mind is CORONAVIRUS!!

The fact that WHO has officially declared it as a pandemic as it sweeps across the world, it’s definitely becoming scarier. Please make sure you follow all health guidelines and most importantly, pray for divine protection!

Okay so here is the real reason why you are here.

‘If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?’

Honestly, I would change the whole concept of time. I genuinely need more time in my life, that being said, I see people who have the same 24 hours as I do and they are doing great things, so I think I just need to learn more about time management skills. I want to live a more time- conscious life, but most importantly to be time effective.

So, your turn! Let’s get the engagement going guys, let me know in the comment section, what you would change in your life if you could and remember it’s one thing!

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