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I am so excited. I have not been on a proper holiday for a while hence why I have not posted on this section of the blog.I went to Barcelona for four days, if you follow me on  Instagram, you would have seen how much fun I got up to, it was amazing!! Even better was the fact that I got to share this experience with a special friend of mine- Yemi. As intriguing as this title sounds, I did not go all the way to another country for a photoshoot, but I might as well have because we got lots of pictures.

Where we stayed and Transportation

We stayed in Hotel Madanis Liceo which was located in Barcelona. It was so perfect because right outside our hotel was the metro which was our best form of transportation. We did a lot of walking which ended up being a great option as we found mosts of the main tourist attractions we would have never found if we were in a public transport. It was very adventurous.


This trip meant a lot to me in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone. We chilled on the first day, rested, got hold of a city map and planned the next few days. The first activity was getting our foot eaten by a fish- ’Fish Spa’, it was one of our most hilarious experience until Yemi’s phone fell into the fish tank!

We went on the Segway city Tour- an opportunity to get a good understanding of the city of Barcelona. We did water activities such as Jet Ski and Banana Boat. We visited La Pedrera – a masterpiece of nature and a few other cathedrals. We also went to the ‘Magic Fountain of Montjuïc’ which was truly a magical moment. Dear future husband reading this you might want to take note of this as a proposal location!


We were not too picky with food neither were we adventurous to be honest. It was basic, because of the heat we just drank cold water and cold smoothies. I got ice-cream twice and regretted it because it melted in the sun so that was not funny. I found food to be on the expensive side. I made sure I tried the traditional native food ’Paella’ – which is basically rice in source. It was recommended by a colleague of mine at work. I got the chicken Paella rice and I loved it!


Shopping in Spain is quite similar to Ireland, it was slightly cheaper but not by a large amount. One thing I loved was how the designers shops were located casually on the main roads, we walked past Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Dior, Channel ,Emporio Armani, Prada and so on.. like I was shocked because it just seemed so normal! Even H&M, Bershka and Zara that I would not necessarily consider high end were so fancy when we entered.


Okay while it was a great experience in general, there were highlights but it is so hard to choose one. If I were to choose three and a extra

1- The first would be Jet Ski, I really enjoyed this especially because me and Yemi prayed through the entire duration. One minute we were saying prayers, the next minute we were creaming laughing and the next minute we would say things like ‘oshey baddest’ or ‘baddo’ which is just Nigerian slangs for hyping ourselves but in reality, we were terrified

2- The Segway tour- I have said it before that I cannot ride a bike, so this experience was the closet experience to finding balance on a two wheeled machine. It was so enjoyable with the breeze as we scooted our way through the Barcelona city in the evening.

3- I would say the Fish Spa experience but Yemi would kill me considering her phone fell into the fish tank and stopped working for two days. But it was honestly so funny, she had her legs in first and would not stop laughing loudly. It took her a minute of continuous laughter to finally settle her leg into the water and as you can imagine the fishes were tickly. So my third highlight would be the ‘Magic Fountain’, we missed most of it but we were told every 15 minutes different sets of music and genre would be played while the fountain changed colors. We met the classical music piece and it was just so beautiful!

Apologies on the length of this post but if you stayed till the end congratulations! I hope you could feel my excitement throughout the post. Guys I went blonde and I got single lashes done for the first time. This entire trip was me stepping out of my comfort zone and it was so worth it. I would definitely recommend you going on a holiday trip to help you step out of your comfort zone.

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Love Florence

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