Hey Beautiful person

 Today’s post is close to my heart . As the title says ‘I declare a world’s appreciation day!’ We should take time to acknowledge our loved ones, friends and even strangers! ‘why?’ cause everyday we wake up is a GIFT.  Not everyone is granted this gift so it is important we’re grateful for it, besides  we’re all put together into this beautiful world so why not make the most of it.

I didn’t see each day as a gift until I lost a very good friend last year. I certainly wasn’t expecting it! As  a young person I don’t know where I got this ignorant assumption that death couldn’t happen to a young person….. Ok maybe I did, let’s just say I never thought it would happen to someone so close to me. Either way the point is, it happened. I lost a friend and it took me a while to accept it. I’d never experienced  death so personal and since I avoid funerals I didn’t  know how to handle it.
‘ live every moment like it’s your last’ 
I never truly paid attention to this but now I definitely have a different perspective.  We should do our best to live in every moment.  One thing I can proudly say of my friend is that everyone had something nice to say of him. It wasn’t just people being nice on social media like you see a lot these days; my friend was a humble, kind and generous young man . Which showed me that it is also important to a be good person.
Even as I type I can remember his smile… He was a rare gem!.
Today I dedicate this post  to my MUM!  This woman is simply a star. When I’m singing my mum supports me. When I’m blogging my mum supports me. When I’m studying my mum supports me. When I make mistakes my mum supports me. When I get all emotional, angry, sad, happy my mum supports me. In every decision I’ve ever made even if sometimes she’s scared she’ll support me.  She’s my queen, and yes I will continue to hail her.
It’s my mum’s birthday soon but I didn’t want to wait until the typical birth-day or mother’s day . She deserves to be acknowledge everyday! My mum is my back bone and I don’t know where I’d be today if not for her. She’s God’s special gift to me. Growing up my mum seemed so strict and I thought she just wanted to make my life miserable.
Today as a young woman, I see the benefit of being raised by a strict parent. My morals and character are shaped in such a way, that everywhere I go people tell me I have been raised well. I am proud of the young woman I am becoming because of this woman. She tuly is the best thing that has happened in my life.

I want to declare my love for you. Thank you for  your sacrificial love and always coming through, I can’t wait to make you a even more proud mum.

Ok it’s your turn. Pick up your phone and call somone today and just say ‘Thank you’ or  ‘ I love you’. Let them know how much they mean to you. You don’t have to wait till their birthday or God forbid the day death comes knocking at the door. Appreciate and acknowledge this person today, It should be a normal thing to do. It hurt me so much when Michael Jackson died and only then was he get really appreciated for who he was. I  thought to myself  ‘all these tributes and acknowledgements are now too late, he cannot hear them’. Even if he can what use is it to him as a DEAD MAN. 

You see my point is; we should appreciate each other everyday, it’s important life is too short. 

So I’ll end by saying THANK YOU so much. I apprecaite you!

See you soon

Much love Florence.

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