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I am super thrilled to be posting my 100th post on the blog. I won’t even start to talk about how many posts I have deleted or how many I have saved as drafts that may never be posted 😂. This is such a goal accomplished for me because I didn’t think it would be possible with assignments work and so many other commitments. I am happy you all are reading my 100th post, there’s definitely something so powerful about will power and dedication.

Today’s post is a reflection on the whole year and a need to prepare ourselves for a better 2019 through our mindset. It is inspired by notes I made from an incredible event I attended two years ago called ‘Millionaire Mind’. I wrote hard core facts that the speaker spoke about and will be sharing some of the ones that stuck with me.

*If you want something it’s up to you to make it happen. In 2019 we should quit being over dependent on others or making excuses for not achieving our own goals. Rather we are going to take bold steps towards our desired outcomes, goals and dreams!

*How you do one thing is how you do everything.

*Do as much, experience as much and love as much as you can. This relates to the need to always find your 100%. I feel confident that I found my 100% and engaged consistently with all my commitments this year. Funny enough, I also loved as much as I could in most of my relationships so much so that I knew when it was time to take a step back and love me more.

*Awareness- The first element of change is Awareness. We all need to be going into 2019 being more familiar with the concept of ‘self-awareness’. This is also linked to the previous point, when you’re self aware you would know when to give your 100% and when it’s time take a step back/ move on. To be aware of the issues in our lives, what causes them and how we can start changing them is also linked with self- awareness.

Finally in 2019 I encourage that we begin to perceive ourselves in 3 dimensions. These are our mental (thoughts) spiritual and our physical being but most importantly how these interact. So for example how you think affects how you feel and leads or impacts the actions and directions you take.

This brings me to the end of today’s post I hope it was a enjoyable read and could get a sense of how passionate I was when I was creating it. I want to wish you all a very happy and safe new year in advance. I do plan on posting one more post before the end of the year so see you soon.

Lots of love ,



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