Hey Beautiful people,

In today’s post I will be sharing about  the importance of silencing the noises in our busy lives. I am not talking about the alarm clock that kick starts our day or the noise in our environments from cars, buses, people talking, babies crying or any of the noise pollutions coming from our noise polluted cities. I am not even talking about the constant  beeping of our phones from the notifications off Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc. I won’t even get into the impact technology has on how we think, live and work. The noise I will be talking about is the noise coming from others.

Noise and distractions are everywhere and it is a part of of daily living.  While unfortunately we cannot control these noise we can choose how we respond to it. For me, one of the loudest form of noise is the unrequested opinions, comments, feedbacks and validations coming from others. I’m not having hallucinations but these constant voices are getting louder. The danger of not paying attention is to neglect the impact it has on your wellbeing.  These noises start to have an impact on your self- esteem, confidence and  joy. But most importantly take up precious hours from your day. In my humble opinion this may lead to a form of power control where people feel they can have control on your life.

I have learnt to disregard irrelevant information and to focus on Gods’ plan for my life and to keep pushing. My biggest challenge is to trust the process of my journey and I would encourage you do the same.

I will end on a light note, pay attention to the noises in your environment, life and surrounding. This has an impact on your mental, emotional and even spiritual health. It is so important that we guard ourselves from noises and surround ourselves with positive energy . What are the noises in your life? Are these noises intoxicating? What impact does this noise have on you? Is this noise taking you away from what is most important to you?

I have started on a new journey where I get to choose the noise I listen to and those that I don’t listen to. Here are some useful links click Here,  Here  and Here

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See you soon,

Florence x

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