Hey beautiful

 In today’s post, I will share a bit more about myself. I’m sure by now you can probably tell  I’m a bit of a weirdo more politely known as a carefree person. Pictures aren’t always the best at portraying one’s personality. So today I will be revealing the girl behind MOULDEDINSIDEOUT.

There’s no need to pretend neither do I see the reason for fakeness. Is that even a word ‘fakeness’? but you know what I mean.

I only drink hot water. If the water isn’t kettle boiled I am not satisfied. You should see the faces of the waiter/ waitress in restaurants when I order boiled water. This started back in my college days when I couldn’t afford to buy 4 – 5 cups of tea per day.  I had to settle for one cup per day and got hot water the rest of the times I craved something hot. This has since stuck with me especially since I found out the benefits it has in the body (CLICK THE LINK).

I’m a touchy person. I love hugs and I had no problem hugging anyone until the day I bumped into a friend.  I hadn’t seen her in so long and as I rushed to greet her with a hug. The reaction I got from her was not what I expected but now looking back, I can understand that I was in her personal space. Life Lesson learnt- respect people’s boundaries and personal space. So I ‘ve learnt to only hug people who are really close to me. But please feel free to hug me when you see me; I promise not to make you feel awkward about it!

I am emotional. I am that one person that cries after a movie! As a young person, I thought being emotional was a sign of weakness. However, growing up I now understand that it’s actually one of my strength! It makes me more self-aware allowing a few people into my space. I have been in vulnerable situations but lucky to be surrounded by a  great support system (family and close friends). Working on my emotions and how much I reveal is a skill I continually work on. I have learnt that it’s best to deal with these emotions or whatever it is that bothers me as it comes. Leaving it only makes it worst leading to the unnecessary emotional outburst. It’s also great that I can always go back to God and ask for his strength!!  

Not EVERYONE deserves YOU. I’ve struggled to come to terms with this but it’s the truth.

I would like to believe I am goal driven and I have a  passion for everything I do. Whether I’m blogging, singing, working and the many other things I do. The first thing I identify myself with is the passion I have for it, otherwise, I let go or step back for a while.

You guys know I’m family oriented. Family means everything to me!!  I could go on sharing a more about myself but this post would be too long…  the older get, I see that my orientation to life has changed. This, especially since I started working in the Homeless Sector. It’s taught me to be more grateful and to make the most of life.

I bet you didn’t know I don’t have my ears pierced… don’t worry you’re not the only one. A lot of my friends who’ve known me for years don’t know either!

See you soon


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