Hey Beautiful people.

How are you today?

Reading back through the first part of this post has been so emotional. As I re-edit, it’s almost like re-opening a deep wound  (click here ) but I can see how far I’ve come already. I remember telling my Aunt Mojisola ( Moj-in-touch ) before I shared it on my facebook; ‘ I don’t think I can do it’ and she said ‘ share it, don’t hold back’. As I shared it online tears rolled down my eyes knowing I was revealing a personal struggle . It made me feel vulnerable. But the positive responses from different areas of my life including you guys was so unexpected and it felt honouring !  I felt fulfilled in a sense, knowing people could relate and that I’d raised some type of awareness in people’s minds. It helped me recognise how far I’ve allowed my mind hold me down. It needed to stop! Why, for so long have I allowed my flaws define me or become my reality!

There’s so much more to me than my flaws…

There’s so much more to you than your flaws….

I still have a forehead, that’s not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter how strong my ‘contour game’ is. I still have vampire teeths. I haven’t gotten any taller, I am still small in height even though I’m loving it more recently. I even still have big legs, they might be smaller than the time I wrote the first post. But that’s cause I’m working on my body and being the best version of ME!

I’m pretty much still the same person, the only difference is my strength and confidence.

This might sound funny but now,  I take COMPLEMENTS and I smile believeing it.  I was talking to a friend recently and then randomly this person paused and said  ‘wow you’re beautiful!. It was random and I wasn’t expecting it but I said ‘THANK YOU’ . If this was a few months ago, I would have said ‘ oh, it’s just my highlight popping’ or ‘ thank God for puberty’ or some other type of excuse just to redirect the complement. But no this time I TOOK THE COMPLEMENT. I wondered why this person has only ever seen that I was beautiful….
Then I realised what it was.

It was my CONFIDENCE reflecting through my pictures, isn’t that amazing? That being confident makes you more beautiful. Confidence it’s an inner feeling that’s reflected through you physically. People will see it in the way you talk, walk, behave, think and the list goes on . My confidence in God is growing daily too as I learn to embrace what he’s given me. 

It doesn’t mean I’m the prettiest girl in town, but that doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t mean I won’t tell my friends tommorow ‘ oh I need to loose weight’ and I’m sure they’ll still give me the ‘ are you for real look?’. It just means that I see my flaws as unique, they make me beautiful and most importanly they make me, Me and for that I am grateful.
It’s time to recognise who we are and what we are as UNIQUE. You are the only one who defines YOU. Not the society. Not your boyfriend. Not social media and its distructive ways. Let’s embrace the differences in our beauty, in our sizes, in our skin colours, in our strength and be confident enough to own it. Let’s remember to focus on our inner beauty, our mental health, our faith and values. I dedicate this post to a new found confidence in myself. My life is so much stress free as I focus on what’s more important.



See you soon


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