Happy new month  guys!

How are you doing today?

I  went to an amazing conference last week. Once the speaker mounted the stage I  couldn’t help notice the scars on his face. Amongst many things that inspired me, I found myself continuously drawn to the speaker’s personal story.  He spoke about how he set himself on fire in his basement as he tried to light a cigar. He spoke of the effect it had on his health and skin many years later. I thought of how brave he was to share his story in public and it inspired this post…

Being in that moment reminded me of when  I  was privileged  to speak  to the youth in church. At first  I had no clue what to talk about but I was in the middle of a phase. A phase where my flaws were getting at me . My flaws were becoming my reality! I do believe you can only  talk from your own experience, so I decided to talk about flaws. I hoped they’ll be able to relate with similar issues in their lives as young people; the reaction I got was a bit reluctant at first but I guess the more they listened the more they understood.

My height.

My  forehead.

My vampire teeth.

My big legs.

I talk too fast.

It didn’t matter what people said – Itunu your forehead is grand! you’re not fat! I would look into the mirror, point and hate my flaws. I let them define me. I let them define my goals. Forgetting that what is truly valuable in life cannot be measured. God doesn’t even see my flaws. I focused all my energy on what made me feel less beautiful.


When I heard of the make up technique that could make my forehead appear smaller (contour). I was so excited. I thought I had found one solution to at least one of my life problems. It was either, I learnt this technique or wait for years to be able to afford a surgery. I promised myself I would learn this skill !!

I forgot the most important thing is really is inner beauty . What ever happened to inner beauty? I know it’s not just me who gets caught up in the physical appearance. With social media, the negative thoughts we feed ourselves  and what we hear all the time. It almost seems as if physical attraction is the ultimate goal….

But it shouldn’t be this way !!

We need to take time out and appreciate who we are. Where we are from. Where we are coming from. Where we are going. We need to work on our soul. The inner being. The inner person. Ask ourselves questions ‘would I like to be friends with someone like me?’.

The inner beauty is not just an excuse for an ugly person. It reflects confidence. Self-belief. The state of our mental health. Our  emotions. Our faith and values. Our  attitudes. You are the only ones who has the right  to define your own of beauty!


I’ll be sharing more on this soon. Thanks for stopping by again.

See you soon


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