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In today’s post I’ ll be sharing with you all about the attention I have been getting with my hair. My hair is so curly and big it’s hard not to get noticed- such an attention seeker right? Ok! on a more serious note I love the attention I’ve been getting.The following is five reasons I recommend big curly hair.

  1. You can get away with no- make up –  usually when you get your hair done the first few days you don’t have to wear makeup because the hair is new, it gives you a fresh look. When the hair is too tight  your face can look overly contoured, which is the same effect you can get with big hair. Only this time you also have the bonus of hiding your face under this big hair . The times I do deciede to wear makeup I don’t have to contour as much. I just wear light makeup and lipstick. I actually kind of like it. The joys of big hair!
  2. You look like a ‘big’ girl- big hair can make you look a few years older but in a complimentary way. Sometimes I look younger than I my own age and it’s nice to look like my age for a while.
  3. You can change your look-  The first time I walked back into work the following week I had my hair done. Everyone was telling me how different I looked. To be honest even my own family were suprised because I got it done at the late hours of the day while they were all sleeping. They woke up to me with this big curly hair. I mean c’mmon who wouldn’t like all this attention.
  4. Practice time (fake it till you make it)-  I see this as my chance to practice and see what it’s like to have my own hair be this big. So I treat it like my own. On holidays in Turkey and even here in Ireland a lot of people ask me ‘ is it your own hair?’ of course I don’t say ‘yes’. As much as I’d love to but the thought of it keeps me hopeful.
  5. It’ s easy to manage– all you do is detangle the knots with your finger in the morning . Since it’s fake hair it’s even easier to manage, I just run my fingers through the hair. I then pick at the curls and move the hair in the shape I want to give it that fuller look and voila! This simple routine helps with maintaining the hair for a while. I have actually found that with this hair , the longer you have the hair in the nicer it looks. As of today I’ve had this hair for about a month and a week .

Thank you so much for stopping by again. I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed sharing it with you.

See you soon,


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