Happy new month guys!!

Is it just me or has this year literally flown by?  I cannot believe we only have a month left until Christmas!

Today’s post is all about the eyeglasses I recently got from the company called GlassesShop.com . Quick disclaimer this post is not sponsored, this is just my review on the glasses and I promise to be honest! It’s also my very first gift on the blog so you can only imagine how excited I am. GlassesShop.com  reached out to me and asked me to check out their website for the eyeglasses online. I thought it was nice that they gave me the choice of choosing a pair for myself. I asked them a few questions as I was curious in knowing how they found me I mean wouldn’t you be?…but I won’t bore you with all that detail. Moments like this motivate me to stay passionate about what I do.

 GlassesShop.com is an American brand, I got my previous prescription from Specsavers and sent it to GlassesShop.com.  The first day I walked into lectures with my glasses. My classmates thought I was making a fashion statement until I explained that the glasses were prescribed. Long story short, if you’re an extra person like myself you’ll love these glasses.

Here is a discount code GSHOT50  which allows my readers to get a 50% discount so need I say more. It’s definitely worth a try!! 

My review:


  • The vision on the Glasses are so clear
  • The glasses are so lightweight and comfortable on the face especially the glasses frame.
  • I love the fact that it’s fashionable yet prescribed, I mean c’mmon what a bonus!


  • The only concern I have with the glasses is the durability.

Shout out to my classmate Simon who was kind of enough to help me with this shoot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

See you soon,


Photographer: Simon (dimonsune on Instagram.)

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