Hey my loves,

How are you doing?

June is here and I’m going, to be honest in saying, I’m glad!! There has been a lot going on in 2020 from the global pandemic to the arrest and murder of George Floyd, the world just seems so unsafe all of a sudden.

As you may know, I’m still working in a role that can sometimes be challenging. Social media was my outlet to connect with people and disengage from all forms of negativity. However, in the last few days, social media is the last place I want to be. I have been finding so much strength in nature, going on long walks, and just taking time to breathe.

Nature in itself is so powerful, and a form of therapy.  Nature reminds me of a sense of freedom as I’m forced to just let go of all of my worries and concern at that moment. I focus on what matters- the present time. Ever so often, I might find an aesthetically pleasing view and share on my story but most of the time, I choose to experience the beauty for myself.

Nature reminds me of God, a peaceful presence that chooses to heal once you allow it to, it’s honestly incredible!

If you’re a bit like me, becoming over-reliant on technology and entertainment just to forget the stress and worries you’re actually facing; I truly urge you to discover the beauty of nature.

On a lighter and unrelated note, I plan on getting a few home studio gadgets this month to start filming and taking photos in the comfort of my home. This is mostly for my brand ‘M.I.O-Prints’, let me know in the comment section if this is something you would be interested in.

Stay safe and most importantly, take mental breaks off social media if needed.

See you soon,



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