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Today’s post is more of a reflective piece as we are getting closer to the end of the year 2016.

In light of everything that has been happening all over the world. I’ve found myself deep in thoughts. Every time you put on the news, rarely would one see one good news. There are stories of vulnerable children facing war, loosing their homes and families. There are people dying, people are becoming homeless, loosing families, jobs . There are people who battle with poor  mental health and the list could go on . I don’t know whether Donald Trump and America’s election crisis makes it even worst or better.  To be honest I don’t usually pay as much attention to the news but it’s becoming hard to ignore with everything that has been happening.

Last week after singing in DGC  practice, we had our usual reflective piece at the end. A member reminded us of children and families who experience difficulties  in the world especially as we approach Christmas. She reminded us of how easy it is to get caught up in our own ‘bubble’ world. How easy it is for us not to take time to think of those who don’t have what we have! This is not to dismiss our personal problems. Neither is this to say that our personal issues aren’t relevant. This is just a gentle reminder for us to be aware of vulnerable people around us.


Sometimes I do feel a little selfish. I  ask myself…Is it fair to share  good news when some people are sufferingIs it right to celebrate while some people are loosing their homes, or going through tough times?  It almost feels like one does n’t have the right to truly be happy.



The truth is ….

….your smile could just make someone’s day. You sharing good news could encourage someone. We should know that there are people in our society that are struggling. Who need help but cannot get it. We should take time and check on each other. But at the same time we shouldn’t get caught up! So do we let the show go on? The answer is yes. Keep up the good work. Stay positive. Be happy. Do you. Our happiness and goals should not be limited  to the bad news we hear and see everywhere. Otherwise, the world will turn to a dark and  lonely place. It’s really all about finding our personal purpose


See you soon,


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