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I am doing great. The sun has been out a lot recently and I’m loving it. I blogged about my afro in in my previous hair post and I mentioned that I would share my hair care routine in a follow-up post. So here it is guys!!! When I started my Natural Hair journey in 2013, I did all sorts with my hair. I tried out different homemade deep conditions and products.  From banana, egg, onion, avocado, yoghurt, honey, mayonnaise to shea butter…..the list could go on including essential oils. I put my hair through all this so I could find what works for me. I am glad to let you know I have found what works for my hair…….. at least for the foreseeable future.

My current deep condition routine is very simple. I get an avocado ( since my hair has grown I use two small avocados) , honey, mayonnaise/ natural yoghurt – both work fine. I blitz all the ingredients together with my essential oils- peppermint, olive, castor, coconut and almond oil in the Nutribullet. I pour the content into a bowl. I then spread the mixture into my whole hair layer by layer, from the root to the ends. After this, I get any plastic bag and wrap it around my hair for about 45minutes. The plastic bag traps any air coming in and out of the hair which helps the nutrients from the ingredients to penetrate the entire hair!!  I have to say, the avocado is the key ingredient in my homemade mix. It stretches my hair leaving it nice and moisturized… 

Since this entire process involves a lot of natural food; I think it’s only ideal that one should actually wash the hair with a shampoo. I’m aware some naturals would suggest to eliminate shampoo and just use a conditioner to wash the hair. But I feel you’d need a shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the scalp otherwise your hair could smell like all sorts of nasty stuff!

I recently came across a product called Alumine. Similar to finding a suitable deep condition, I have tried a broad range of shampoos and conditioners. After such a long search for a suitable product including the Cantu for natural hair. The TRESEMME conditioner has been working and even better is the Alumine hair care system that I recently started using.

I have been using my Chinese herb shampoo and conditioner from the Alumine brand ( for hair growth). The key ingredient is the rare Chinese herb that acts as a medicine which is aimed at stimulating the scalp to promote a healthy and thicker-looking hair. You guys know how thin and fragile my edges are so I got excited when I heard the WONDER this product can do. I will share a hair growth journey soon so stay tuned for that too.

After my hair is nice and clean, I mix shea-butter with essential oils to moisturize my hair. I do this again from the root of my hair to the ends. I then apply my Chinese herb serum to the problem parts of my hair and then it’s ready to be styled.  I’m just glad I found a great team of ingredients working with me for a healthy hair journey. Here is a link to my online shop if you are looking to get your hair growing healthy (click here).

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