Hey beautiful people.

Today I’ll be sharing my current favorite highlighters. I’m sure at this stage you know I’m a  simple girl when it comes to makeup. I still have a lot of learning to do with make-up without being too vain. I watched  Poised by Suliat’s ( African- Irish MUA) video on suitable  highlighters for dark skinned girls. I’ve procrastinated on getting my hands on one for so long up until recently. My big sister and a friend of mine both gave me two different highlighters as gifts 

So briefly, an highlighter is used to add a glow to a make-up look. If you apply it correctly, your make-up can go from a simple to a dramatic look! You’ll GLOW in areas where people can’t place the difference.

Starting from my  old highlighters to my new gifts ; the first is this bronzer from the color works collection- a drug store product. As you can see from the picture below I’ve used it so many times, I love this stuff! I use it all the time the natural glow just makes me so happy! But when I’m going out, it’s one of those products that needs an extra build up to get that extra glow.

Do you see the natural glow on my cheek bone? That’s the result of the bronzer from the color works collection.

The second highlighter I use is this gold dust product . Although  I can’t remember the name, it reminds me of a roll on deodorant for the under arm. When you open the black lid, the idea is that you to roll the highlighter on to the places you’d like to pop or glow. If you aren’t the best at blending like myself,  it’s a bit  hard to use cause it’s highly pigmented and can look ‘weird’ if it’s noblended properly. So I shy away from using it unless I have the time to spare. Sometimes I add it on top of the color work bronzer when I want that EXTRA glow which always turns nice.

Now let’s get on to the  new gifts- my new babies. The first one is the Ted Baker set (high end) I got from my big sister for Christmas. I’ve gotten some nice compliments on my Instagram post click here. Ever since my graduation I’ve fallen in love with ‘Uncle Ted Baker’ and my sister knew this, ‘isn’t she lovely to have a gift from my new Uncle?’

like check out the glow this product gives!

The second is the Revolution (drug store) highlighter and blush set, from my friend. It’s so beautiful and I’m excited to keep trying out the different shades. I haven’t used this much cause I don’t wear make-up everyday due to work and my personal lifestyle. But the thought of the option to look extra glowed up on the on the days I decide to wear make-up makes me excited. Before this, I tend to look the same with my ‘err day simple make-up look’

In this post, I’m not  saying you have to spend a lot of money to look expensive or ‘buff’. I just thought I’d share my new gifts and how much I’m loving them. There is a balance between beauty, modesty and vanity but that’s a topic for another day. Click HERE to watch a helpful video on this topic. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.

See you soon


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