Hey Beautiful people

“It’s been a while” is quite the understatement, needless to say, you’ve been missed! My life has been so interesting recently but the biggest change is that I now work a 9-5 job as a Social Worker! I have to say and it has been quite a challenge adjusting to the new routine. I previously worked 12 hour or 24-hour shifts with a few more days off during the week. Right now, I only have weekends off and it just never seems enough! But overall, life has been fun in its own way and I’m enjoying this whole concept of adulthood.

I have attended a couple of weddings this year, by the end of the year I would have been a guest at six and a bridesmaid at two! Speaking of weddings, I recently came back from my trip to Nigeria. I attended two weddings one of which I was a bridesmaid and the other, a guest. A huge congratulations to my friends you both looked absolutely beautiful!

Tommy and Lolade xx
Usman and Wumi xx

Bride's maid outfit! My African outfit for Wumi’s wedding

Going back to Nigeria, I had a long to-do list and I’m happy I achieved most of my goals. As a friend recently said, I literally brought work back home. I did my birthday shoot (I cannot wait for you guys to see it!!), I also did a shoot for  M.I.O-Prints too. We are heading towards busy times now with M.I.O-Prints as we prepare for our ‘One Year Anniversary‘ and of course you are all invited! (click here to grab your own ticket).  I also worked on branding M.I.O- Prints in general, check out our new package down below.

Of course, I prioritised my rest and lived my best life. I also met family too which made my trip!

Oh, before I forget! I had coffee for the first time in Nigeria at the Krispy Donut in the Ikeja City Mall.  I was very proud cause, I thought Nigeria being a hot country wouldn’t have a coffee spot. While I did not find Starbucks, or Costa, the coffee at the Krispy Donut was just as fine.

This brings me to the end of today’s post and I think this sums up what I’ve been up to and the change in my life. If there is anything I missed, I will update you in my next post.

Lots of love


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