Hey Beautiful people,

Today’s post is a collaboration with one of my girls and also an upcoming Makeup Artist in Ireland. CoralnContour aka CnC is based in Dublin. Before we move on, can we just appreciate how unique her name is  – CoralnContour, very different! I believe as a content creator your name is so important not only does it represent you, your work it should also be unique. I could tell from the onset that she took time and choose a name that represented creativity. We had so much fun, from the work being done to the pictures being taken. I had to choose pictures wisely otherwise we’d be showing all sorts of funny faces lol..

I did not want to be predictable for Valentine’s day, so both I and CnC put this look together (well CnC because you guys know my make up game is nothing close to this). I would say it is a perfect look for a date night whether it’s with your partner or with your girlfriends. Guys literally, in the picture below just look at the details on my eyelids, it is such a pretty look and yes you’ll stand out glowing!

Here goes a quote I have been pondering on for a while:

Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some people stay for a while leave a footprint on our hearts and we never, ever remain the same’

These are the people we want to CELEBRATE and show some LOVE this Valentine. My biggest wish right now as you read this post is to spend Valentine’s Day appreciating God for bringing people who love you and want the best for you into your life.Valentine’s Day is all about Love, loving your fellow human beings, loving your family, loving your friends…

Don’t forget to also spend this day loving yourself, even more, use kind and gentle words,  appreciate how far you’ve come not taking for granted what it takes to keep on surviving through it all …..just keep spreading the love cause ultimately you can only give what you have.

Finally, I just want to declare my Love for God, he’s been amazing so far this year. I don’t know how he does it but he’s got my back and if not for him, I legit don’t know where I’ll be!

So this brings me to the end of today’s post.  I hope you guys feel the love. Go show some love and support my girl CnC beauty, she made me look so beautiful and I felt the love.  For booking, please email  [email protected] and her Instagram page is – cncbeauty_tell her Florence sent ya!

See you soon,


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