Hey beautiful people,

If I told you that it was my recent sickness that inspired today’s post, you would probably cringe but that is the honest truth. I got so sick, I was placed on antibiotics and for someone that rarely uses medication, it was pretty serious!!

I can tell you if I had a winter clothing line it would be called ‘LAYERED’ as this has been my recent remedy to beat the cold weather. I am sure for some of you, my readers living in Canada, America, and Ice-Land can probably relate to this post although Ireland is not as cold. It can get pretty icy over here too.

It is funny cause when I was younger or even as recent as a few years ago, I would revert to my big jumpers, leggings basically anything that would keep me warm. I had very little interest in how I looked as long as I was warm. But as I get older, meet more people, working in professional settings and not to mention being a blogger, nobody tells you how important it is to present yourself in the best form. Not only is looking the ‘best version of yourself’ important, it also helps build your self- esteem and confidence. It is only a bonus then when others also address in a polite manner!

Quick Tips:

  • wear small vest/ tops under the outer (main) top or shirt.
  • you could also opt to wear a blazer or a poncho over your outer top.
  • wear leggings or tights under your jeans or trousers. I find for girls that are thick like myself, this may be an effort as one may appear thicker. Find whatever method suits you.
  • I am loving knee-high boots especially since I found one that first me perfect. It’s great!!

When it comes to layering up your clothes, it is personal and you will find what works for you. For example, my upper body gets cold easy so I rather wear two tops rather than wear leggings or thoughts under my jeans or trousers. Just remember, the aim is remaining warm and still feeling beautiful.

So how do you guys keep warm during winter period?

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See you soon,


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