Hello everyone!

I hope you’ re all doing well especially with the change in weather. It’s the season where you get colds, flu and all those beautiful uncomfortable feelings. Good news is, it’s almost over so hang in there !


Today’s post is quite special to me. If you didn’t know, in September I  turned 22 . Yes! the big number.

Adulthood is now reality and a real game!

Chapter 22 is a result of where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going. I look back at some of the mistakes and challenges I’ve had  in life and  I smile. No, not because I don’t have regrets  or  because I wouldn’t love to turn back the time. The only difference now is that those phases have made me a better person. This also gives me the right to be human!

Chapter 22 is as a result of how far God has kept me. I’m filled with gratitude.This is not a speech, I believe it has been his mercies. It’s also dedicated to my beautiful family. I didn’t choose my family. They didn’t choose me, but you know what? We make a hec of a good team.

It’s dedicated to my ex- boyfriends and flings cause now,  I know what I want in a relationship. Why should I settle for less!

Chapter 22 is also dedicated to my amazing friends. All from my personal life to choir to college and to those who have become family. Thank you for all your support. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that you need people in life. Guess what? you’ll even need  useless people.




Finally chapter 22 is also a new journey . To blog. To share my interest and experience with you. I desire nothing more than for you to feel better every time you visit mouldedinsideout.

Thank you so much.

See you soon


Photographer : Beatrice Adesunmbo Osunuga, Instagram : makeupbysumbo

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