Hi everyone,

It is now official, Christmas is around the corner and the countdown begins. The closer it gets to Christmas reality kicks in as it gets closer to the end of 2016. I have been reflecting on this year, I gained a lot and lost a few too; I thank God for the blessings received. I am still praying for more cause a lot can still happen….. It’s quite exciting actually seeing everyone with shopping bags already!

Today’s post is about my most recent trip to England. I went to visit a special person and I was in full ‘tourist mode’. I dedicated a day to visit the Big Ben, The London Bridge, The Buckingham Palace and The London Eye. You might ask yourself ‘ how did she visit all those places in a day?‘. The public transport system in England is great! The only issue I have is the crowd, I found it overwhelming!

I love Ireland and this trip reconfirmed it…..

As I got to the location where the google map lead us to; I looked around and thought to myself where is the Big Ben? It took me a while to realise I wasn’t sure of what to expect in the first place……. I  saw a policeman guarding the gate so I walked up to him and asked, ‘ what exactly is the Big Ben?’ I am glad I didn’t get the ‘ for real look’. He was such a gentleman.

The Big Ben is actually the massive bell in the House of Parliament’s iconic clock tower. The clock itself weighs more than 13 tons (13,760 kg). You know what I found interesting?  The Big Ben has rarely stopped even after the bombing of the Commons Chamber at the Second World War. It is one of London’s most famous landmarks and must-see attractions. Big Ben is in the Elizabeth Tower at the north end of The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, Central London. If you want to find out more interesting facts about Big Ben here are some – click.

As you know, my travel post will always be in series. This is the first of a few series so do stay tuned while I share the other landmarks I visited. As we are getting to the very end of 2016, hopefully, I’ll be able to post more than once a week.

So please like and share them and enjoy my last few post in 2016.

Let’s be kind to everyone this season and acknowledge those who don’t have as much as we do. Don’t take anything for granted!

Can I just say though, it was FREEZING in England; the few days I spent there I  never left the house without two jackets and two scarves!!

See you soon.


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