Hey Beautiful people.

How are we doing? Can you believe how fast this year has gone? We thank God for his mercies.

Today’s post is the second of the series of my trip to Newcastle. As I mentioned my sister and I had so much fun. People tell us that we don’t look alike. But would you believe if I told you that when we were in school teachers couldn’t tell us apart! Anyhoos, let’s get into today’s post.

The second location we visited was the  Tollymore Forest  . From my experience of watching a LOT of American TV and horror movies. Especially as a young child when my grandma lived with us. She told me scary stories of what evil people do in isolated places. These information’s  has my mind programmed in a negative  way towards places that seem strange in any way…..or isolated. It makes me feel as if  ANYTHING could happen with no one around to help ; the thought is scary right?  That’s what CSI and all these shows do to you.

Long story short, when the lady at the Newcastle centre gave us options of places we could visit and mentioned a forest. I was like ‘ehn, forest ke’? (African accent in my head). Being the one who convinced my sister on this trip of course I didn’t want her knowing I was a little scared . I faked an excited smile and God love her, she was so supportive throughout the whole trip. I don’t know if she was actually scared I’ll ask her and get back to you!

OK! So let’s get into the Tollymore forest its self.


I have never seen anything like it! Honestly. We just kept stopping, we would say to ourselves

 ok! last photo’

…..and then we would walk and we’re like

 ‘ok! last, last one’.

Nope! there were no last pictures and  snapchat can confirm that too. We took so many pictures that we missed our taxi. This was an issue we had to deal with because the people in Newcastle were quite hostile.

I have to say I was a bit shocked. It seemed as if they had never seen Africans. We got stared at so much ; some people even moved away when they saw us. I was quite uncomfortable. If I had gone on this trip on my own, I would have gone back home at how uncomfortable I felt.


My sister was grand though, she was n’t bothered at all. For me, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling which was sad because Newcastle is such a beautiful place to visit. One thing I know for sure is not to go alone!

You know what, I take that back I wouldn’t go alone as of now ; but hopefully people’s attitude will change and make a more acomordating place to visit.

The Tollymore Forest also had connections to the Game of Thrones. So to all my Game of Thrones fan, Tollymore got you covered. I actually don’t watch the show myself, but the worker in the forest was so excited when he was telling us about the connections. He pointed to us some of the locations where a few scenes from the  was shoot, we were directed to use black and red arrows on woods to help guide our way through the forest.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to the point where some of the were shoot. That would have taken us an extra hour cause the forest was pretty big. We met people also walking in the forest and they told us to make our way back as soon as it got dark. Since I was already stepping beyond my comfort zone I definitely listened to their advise.

If you a lover of  nature.

If you ever need quite time to yourself

If you’ re into poem or song writing and you need a place quite and calm.

If you CAN walk ALONE in any forest

If you fall into any of these category that I mentioned; pick a day and drive or get the bus into Newcastle. The Tollymore Forest is for you! I am telling you, it was AMAZING! I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in the summer. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

I must point out that the worker at the Tollymore forest was nice; he made us feel very welcome.

See you soon

Florence x

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