Hi beautiful people,

Thank you so much for stopping by again. Today’s blog post has been heavy on my heart for a while and I’m just happy to finally be getting around to it. For me,2019 has been an incredible year of challenges that have stretched me to my growth.  I have gained so much experience in every aspect of my life, but, one thing I feel has held me back from achieving even more that I believe I could have is directly related to my time management. The timing and season in which we do things is so crucial (click here to read a previous post)  I made a conscious decision as I entered into the month of November to become more conscious and intentional about how I spend my time.

I started with practical things such as being more disciplined and paying more attention to my procrastinating self. Procrastination is not only the enemy of joy as it causes one to delay and constantly postpone, but procrastination also reveals a lack of time management which I can testify to.

The first thing I did this month in addressing my procrastinating self was paying for the gym and actually going in for a workout session for the first time after 5months! Since I finished my master’s program and starting a 9-5 job, it’s been a real struggle to balance life and exercise but I decided there were no more time excuses!

In being intentional about how you spend your time, you will also need to learn how to prioritise. This is a skill I did not take seriously until I started working in a profession that requires me to manage and hold multiple cases with various tasks needed within each. So! I have learnt that by prioritising, I reduce my anxiety and achieve what is most realistic within a short space of time. I transferred this skill into my life as an entrepreneur, I have learnt to focus on what is most important at every given time (I will share an entire post on this soon).

A quote that I have been trying to truly understand goes like this…

‘The Key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities’

Steven Covey

I have also been paying attention to what I feed my soul such as the inspiration it needs. For example, I stopped wasting time going through Instagram, Facebook or all other socials while on the bus to work. I now listen to inspirational podcasts, videos or watch videos about skills I need to learn such as marketing. I once watched a TED Talk video centred on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). I thought I knew about FGM but was shocked at how little I knew!

I have felt bogged down, overwhelmed and just strangely needing more than 24 hours that the entire universe gets per day. The few things I have mentioned in this post has helped me start to shift my mind to become more intentional On how I spend my time.

We are going to need the right tools in living an intentional life in order to fulfil our purpose and destiny!

Have a blessed week guys and speak to you soon. Remember, be intentional. 2020 is around the corner!

Lots of love,


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