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 I decided it would be nice to tell and show you all about my new hairdo!

The only change I like, is changing my hair, at least it’s only change I’m willing to adapt to. Not to worry , I’m working on embracing change. A lot people always wonder how often I change my hair, from my college days to choir and work. People tell me  ‘Florence , how can you change your hairstyle so much’ or ‘omg you look different again’.  I just think to myself, why would I have the same look for more than two months. I

just can’t !

just don’t!

Enough chit chat let’s get  right into it…

Recently, I’ve been obsessing over curly hair.  I ordered a  Afri Naptural Crochet Braid in Caribbean Curls from  Elevate styles  . I’m very suspicious when it comes to ordering anything online like literally I’ll rather go to a shop or just not have that item. But this time I felt like experimenting, you know big girl things!

I ordered three packs of the |Crochet hair , with two bundles per pack  in BLACK. The hair arrived about two weeks later in the colour T1BBUG – Burgundy. Personally, I would say, it’s more of a bright Red colour than Burgundy but it’s got a bit of a ombre thing going on too. In which case you could say the hair is Burgundy Red ombre.  Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was not too happy with the result of my online experiment. But this morning when I put makeup on, it looked nice and complimented my skin tone. I’ve got some encouraging comments to so far, maybe it’s not as bad. It looks like we’ll have to work with it either way!


The good thing is I did this hair myself, so there’s nothing to lose. That’s also why I can change my hair so often, ain’t nobody got the time or money to waste about 50 times a year.

If you decide to try this style which I totally recommend. The crochet loop as I’ve shown in the picture below is small so do be mindful to keep the curls neat. On a positive note, the hair is true to the benefits typed on the pack which are : soft  human texture, finger friendly, light weight. There is an option to brush it, I know I won’t be brushing it, I think i’m done with experimenting for now ! I do love how light the hair is and it definitely feels nice and soft.

I used two and a half packs , so five bundles if that makes sense. If you would love a fuller look, then yeah go ahead and use the whole 3 packs or more. This style was inspired by Kiittanaxo on YouTube, do check her out for hairstyle inspirations.


I’m looking forward to trying different styles with this hair, cause as you know it’s here to stay! Follow me on Instagram to see how I get on. Before I forget, it’s also possible to unravel each twist into two but I’ll leave the curls this way for a while, maybe in a few weeks I’ll try other looks.




What do you think of the hair, and the colour?

What colour would you choose ?

Would you love me to show you more on my hair styles?

Please leave all your comments down below, I would love to hear from you.

See you soon,


Photographer: Adesunmbo Beatrice Osinuga/ Instagram :makeupbysumbo.

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